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Why on earth is this game so underrated?

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Posted 05 July 2014 - 06:10 PM

Firstly i want to apologize if there was already a similar topic, but i`m a newbie here. Actually i read this forum for years now but today i`ve decided to join in because of a few questions i have about this game and few others as well.


Sorry for my grammar mistakes but i`m from Europe.


Ok, i will never understand why is this brilliant game so underrated amongst gta fans since is a very good game. I understand that tastes are different but i think that people rating games too much on how the game was selled and not enough on the base of it`s actuall quality.


I`m a hardcore GTA fan, been playing all GTA`s except the top down ones and i can say VCS is the best game in the series. Close by VC and SA. But that`s just my opinion.

And i dont get an opinion just by the great or bad game selling but i develop it during the actual gameplay.

Many of people works like that, "oh that game didnt sell much copies so it must have been bad" and they don`t even buy it to see if it`s really that bad.

I `ve played all the series from HD era but i just can`t stop getting back to the 3D era because those games were pure masterpieces for its times and there isn`t even 1 of them for which i could say it is a bad game

Anyway, both, GTA VC and VCS were unique masterpieces.

Since i`m a huge fan of VCS i posted this on VCS forum in hopes i`ll get some understanding from other VCS fans. 


Ok, now to the question. I was searching all the topics about VCS plot but i still havent find what i wanna know.

I`ve played this game for like 40x or 50x times but i still don`t get one thing;


In the last cutscene of the Brawn of the dead mission it shows that Vance brothers`s mom took all the coke they rip off from Martinez. But yet in the next mission you did for Reni Vic asks her/him if she needs any product?

That is bugging me all the time, so what kind of product, didn`t Vance`s mom took all of that coke?

And how exactly did Vance brothers manage to get back all of the coke to Mendez brothers? It wasn´t shown directly in any mission.


And the last thing that puzzles me is where Lance got 20 key`s of coke from in the last mission which leads to Vic`s (supposed) death in 1986? Was he ripping off Diaz or am i missing something here?


Anyway i hope that some of you guys will able to clear that out for me.  :yawn:


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Posted 05 July 2014 - 06:45 PM Edited by GTAKid667, 05 July 2014 - 06:46 PM.

Hey MrVance, Welcome to the forum! :)

There is already a similar topic (Regarding whether GTA VCS is underrated) not even half way down the page, you should always search for a similar topic before you create one of your own.


Feel free to also search to see if there is a topic with your question in, and if not, go and create one yourself. :^:

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