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What to Expect When Starting Out?

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Posted 06 July 2014 - 03:09 AM Edited by kw.awsome, 06 July 2014 - 03:10 AM.

spend a decent amount of time in free roam ...the longer time the better the chance you will get invited to rooftop rumble wich pays 18000 and levels you up quickly. Dont accept 1000000 RP money deathmatch invites .Join a deccent crew not one to small or to big as a small crew have less people to back you up till you have a fairily good rank and large crews are not close and there is a  high risk of getting shot by a crew mate. Get yourself aquainted with the subway tunnel system  it has saved my life countless times. Save for Del perro heights apt its the cheapest 10 car garrage 200500 and is on the same block as a tunnel entrance so escapping from apt campers is easy especailly if you have a bounty on your head..Advoid  following other players if you have not talked to them or sent a message first since many people shoot first ask Questions never. Dont worry about k/d and make use of the ability to mute other players. Always remember this is a game and to have fun. 

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Posted 06 July 2014 - 03:41 AM

What to expect?


Dying often, at the hands of others and enemies during missions, but only if unprepared.


Rank up fast to unlock better weapons and armor, and as a previous poster suggested, get bulletproof tires on your personal vehicle(s) ASAP (like Rank 20, I believe).  It will cost you $25,000 a set, but it's well worth it.


Early on, you have access to the Special Carbine, which people have suggested, but personally, I prefer the Bullpup Rifle over it, and the Advanced Rifle (when unlocked) over all other rifles.


Remember that playing Free Aim will net you more RP.


If you receive an invite to the mission "Rooftop Rumble" from a user with the gamertag "RR Grinder," accept it for some easy RP and cash. 


You don't need weapons, armor or a vehicle.  All you have to do is stay in the user's car (typically, a matte green Zentorno).


Oh, and expect server errors every so often.


Have fun, and good luck.

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