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Tommy is the best protagonist

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J Cobra
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Posted 2 weeks ago

Tommy's good. But you still have Niko, and Trevor.

  • Stoney0503

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Tommy's good. But you still have Niko, and Trevor.

Niko and Trevor don't even come close to Tommy's awesomeness.

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The GTA Fanatic
  • The GTA Fanatic

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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by The GTA Fanatic, 2 weeks ago.

Tommy is the best protagonist.
I am not just a fanboy,for example i liked San Andreas but hated Cj etc.
He was the perfect GTA character:Arrogant,strong,never cares about enyone,smart,has balls etc.
He had something that no GTA character had:he maked people work for him.Even though his "not really good' circumstances:being in a  city without a penny,if he wouldn't get the money he would be killed,was constantly dealing with idiots like Kent Paul,(did i mention "the shmuck of a lawyer") he could still make a whole empire in Vice City.
And my most hated protagonist is :CJ.Why,you might ask?He didn't had the balls for nothingHe didn't kill Tempenny and Pulaski until much later in the storyline(even though he had the chance,if Tempenny,Pulaski and Hernandez would be killed,no one would know nothing because noone knew about C.R.A.S.H)and most of the time he was helped by either Cesar,Sweet or his gang members.

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Posted 2 weeks ago



Niko and Trevor don't even come close to Tommy's awesomeness.

Damn RIGHT u are!! so damn agree with u Stoney :D

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  • RazzleLeone

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Posted A week ago

When I found out Ray Liotta voiced Tommy is VC I was beyond pumped, one of my favorite actors by far!

And I also remember the same excitement when I found out GURU (Gangstarr) played the voice of 8-Ball in GTA 3 since he was my favorite hip-hop artist as a kid growing up

the ironic one
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Posted A week ago

Tommy is a great protagonist but honestly I prefer NIcko. I like his private crusade for justice. I like the way he struggles with remorse and bad memories. He's more dramatic character and I prefer dramas and thrillers. It matches perfectly to the dark and sad Liberty City. Tomy and VC is the opposite. GTA IV's got its weaknesses but the story and the protagonist are among its strengths.

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Posted A week ago

For me, Niko is the best protagonist just because of his morals and his depiction by Michael Hollick, but Tommy is my favorite during the 3D era. He was just plain cool, badass, and does not give a sh*t of what task he is given of. He is very funny too, like when he talks to Steve Scott during Recruitment Drive and Tommy calls him a pompous as*hole. He is a very likeable character and more relatable than the silent, but deadly Claude. Ray Liotta's performance really helps as well. Ray made Tommy what he is today, a very badass and likeable character.

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Apocalypse Now
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Posted A week ago Edited by Apocalypse Now, A week ago.

I like him aswell. The fact that his voice actor is Ray Liotta (Goodfellas) is too cool.

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  • negged


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Posted 5 days ago

yis greatest so far

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