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Posted 16 October 2017 - 12:11 PM Edited by Murdick, 16 October 2017 - 12:12 PM.

It's spider season and don't I know it. I've been finding the biggest spiders ever, and then having nightmares about them afterwards. I hate this. I jump out of bed at like 3am and turn the light on thinking I really saw one. Weird af. It never happens with anything else. Always damn spiders. I swear it wasn't too long ago this happened last..🤔

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Posted 20 October 2017 - 02:37 AM

I don't know why, but I've been dreaming more lately. Despite that, I hardly remember the content of the dreams themselves for some reason, but it's usually negative things.


Last night, I had a dream that involved me sitting on a moving cart (???) and swatting at vicious dogs who were chasing me, trying to get on board. After one of the doggos managed to get in my cart and right in my face, I woke up from that dream, and couldn't get back to sleep.


I lost about four hours of sleep because of that mutt.

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Posted 4 days ago Edited by Excrescent, 4 days ago.

Yo. I was gonna start a whole new topic but this will do just fine. lolol


Today I had a nightmare where I beat someone up. Like for no reason, but then got falsely charged for murder.


So, it was my birthday during the time and it was dark, but here I was making my way home from lord knows where. I see this person walking in my direction, but right as we crossed paths I grabbed him and literally chokeslammed him into the dirt. (On some Kane type sh*t) I proceeded on with slapping him and I think punching him one more time. The dream now places me at a gas station for some reason, which I happened to be exiting.  I came out and this cop car swung into the lot, black female officer exiting right after the car came to a halt. She arrested me almost instantly. I told her how it's my birthday when she placed me in the back seat, she only laughed about it before sarcastically saying "Happy Birthday".


The car door slammed in my face and she drove me up the road past another gas station. I spotted a cop replicating what I did to the person with another cop as we drove by and I thought to my self. "What the f*ck did I do?" Because I left this person alive. The dream jumped again, to a schoolyard setting. I then walked through the hallway to the Assistant Principal's office, upon having reached my destination I noticed exactly what was going to happen. The AP said: "Cuff him." I looked over at him and asked him why and he told me that I had killed someone and that I'm being charged with first-degree murder. I responded by telling him I have not killed anyone, choosing not to mention the fact that I beat someone up earlier. The AP abruptly responded with: "We know exactly what happened, and how you killed that man on the bed." The officer then said: "You're being charged with Murder regardless." 


I think the shock from being charged with murder woke me up instantly. I wasn't sweating or anything but my heart was pounding. I must've gotten so scared just imagining myself rotting in a prison cell for the rest of my life. The nightmare was bullsh*t in a sense because it skipped 2 times and I got arrested twice. In addition, a bed was mentioned despite me beating the person up, even IF I had klled him. Where the f*ck did a bed come into the picture. It happened in a grass/dirt filled area.


Still left clueless as to why all of my "dreams" are nightmares these days, because I vaguely remember good ones happening in the past.

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Posted 4 days ago

I keep having dreams that I'm back in School. Anyone else?


Like, constantly recurring dreams. I'm not sure what is triggering it, but it's like my School days but done better. In one of them, I had a girl with me who I barely spoke to in School & somehow that's the girl I remembered in my dream as a GF. How does this sh*t work? I forgot what her name was & everything, and yet could picture what she looked like exactly. Ended up tracking her down on my Facebook list (haven't been on there in years). That was really awkward, especially when I scrolled through her posts (noticed she has a child and everything). Shows how much I check Facebook. I'm glad dreams aren't public.


I just want to know why her out of everyone I could have dreamed about. She wasn't even a crush of mine to be honest, I thought she was kind of cute but we only ever exchanged Hellos & added each other because we were in some classes together. I just find it fascinating.


I also keep dreaming about hanging around with some old friends of mine outside of class, I don't speak to a few of them anymore & yet it felt like I was right there with them again. I woke up feeling like I'd been hanging around with them again.


I've been having these School related dreams for a bit now. Wonder if it's to do with me feeling very nostalgic lately & not being in the best place in my life, longing for the 'good old days'

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