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Posted 2 weeks ago

I'm sleeping in these days because I don't wanna wake up from that sweet dream.

Sleeping in meaning waking up at 8. f*ck I got adulted.
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Posted 2 weeks ago

I dreamt that I returned from my holiday and my long-haired black cat had been replaced by a short-haired brown dog. Everyone kept denying it, telling me I was wrong. Only I could see the substitution.

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Posted A week ago Edited by 018361, A week ago.

I had a dream last night where my pal from Canada came over and I was at a restaurant called Del-Taco. I had to use the restroom and the restaurant was actually nothing but an empty room with toilets. I did my business and needed to wipe but since the restaurant was filled with windows and a lot of people had joined up outside including a girl I know named Chelsea and could pretty clearly see me If they'd looked in. I quickly ran out the door to go to someones house nearby where my uncle was at so I could use the restroom. So, I went to the place nearby and the group of people had followed me there. So then I ran back to the restaurant and they followed me there again. By that time I was done doing my business and I saw the girl named Chelsea outside with another guy. Because I have a crush on her irl I was jealous and shouted to her "Chelsea, I love you!" Then she ran off with that guy and got into a semi-truck and then my friend pulled up with a truck and we followed her. Eventually after we and the rest of that group in there cars had chased them we had cut them off on a road. They got out and I saw a scoreboard with their names and points and I assume what was listed was how many times they had sex or "scored" with each other. The guy had more points. She got out and proceeded to walk into a garden and I followed her and we decided to get married to each other since this chase ended in Las Vegas. After we got married the dream had ended.


This dream kinda makes me feel conflicted because I like her in real life but i'm kinda upset with her since the last time we had talked she kinda just blew me off. I have known her since kindergarten and I really do like her. When I saw her with that other guy and found out that he had possibly had sex with her I had grown very Jealous. I also at one point saw the name of another girl I know who I haven't seen since the second grade named Miranda. I am very very conflicted because My dream irl is to meet a nice girl, get married to her, and have children. I really want to have a couple daughters and possibly at least one son. I find it very strange. I'm just very tired of being alone. All. The. Time. It makes me wonder if this dream has any meaning or purpose to it. Life is very strange...


God Help Me!

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