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Cheater pool warning

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  • maybeanotherone


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Posted 4 weeks ago

i didn't even knew about it, but something told me to back out of Titan of a Crap. i got my suspicions confirmed both here and when i tried the session from the guy who invited me and i couldn't join as it said it was a session for cheaters only.

  • johnjack84

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Posted 4 weeks ago Edited by johnjack84, 4 weeks ago.



if they've been cp'ing people for bookmarking that FOS thing then they're probably doing it for any modded job :/


F*cking hell! I miss that mission, it was so much fun..


I told brian b the way to create modded missions .

But R* didn't patch it .

Instead they added more stats ( 1.14 ) to know if you played a modded mission ...etc


Yeah I know, they're just so mean. F*cking banning people just for having some fun.. And it is actually about it, coz I never needed money, but the mission was so hard and it required teamwork. Unlike the R* ones, which seem to be made for dumb people.

  • kamisky_0x


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Posted 4 weeks ago

Someone reported me for kiling them 

  • elfoam


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Posted 4 weeks ago

Fos 3 was the best mission there's ever been in the game regardless of payout. I also think the payout was justified. It made any other mission look like a walk in the park.
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  • meatrocket8

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Posted 4 weeks ago

because cheating

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