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Things GTA IV did better than GTA V

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Posted A week ago Edited by subsonicdust, A week ago.

GTA Online is way more advanced than GTA IV's multiplayer component, though I tend to favour IV's more purely because its pared down approach framed the action better and resulted in something more focused.  Free Mode blew my balls off when I first played it back in 2008, and I spent a worrying number of hours playing Cops 'n' Crooks (which to this day remains my favourite multiplayer mode of all time).  I also fondly remember some seriously frenetic deathmatches and rounds of Mafiya Work, and the tension-filled track that played towards the end of a match:



So awesome.

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Posted A week ago

When shooting behind you when driving in IV when you want to look forward again the camera snaps forward immediately, however in V the camera pans around leaving you not knowing whats ahead of you for a moment which could cause you to crash or miss a turn.

A very small detail but it can make a difference during a car chase.
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Posted 5 days ago

There's something special about Niko's war cries, they feel so well done, would've been cool to see Hollick recording them lmao. They fit with his character so good, same with Johnny K and Luis, Luis was more quiet but it worked with him.
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Posted 5 days ago

even if one can't deny R* worked hard to make a great game, and they succeeded to it with V, i still prefer GTAIV in term of immersion. V is my online/coop action game, but i still can't find these great moments of relaxation/satisfaction i had(have) with IV

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Posted 13 hours ago

I find it funny that GTA V, despite trying to be as cinematic and cliched as possible, totally lacks the raindrops-on-the-screen effect, while GTA IV does have them and they actually look like they should.
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Posted An hour ago

Michael Hollick done more by himself to make me actually give a sh*t about Niko than Ned Luke, Steve Ogg and Shawn Fonteno did combined with multiple protagonists.


Quality > quantity.

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