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Things GTA IV did better than GTA V

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Posted 5 days ago Edited by Lester-The-Molester, 5 days ago.

When you try to get out after flipping your car sideways, Niko kicks out the passenger-side door and jumps out, instead of simply teleporting outside like the V trio. 

Because Heaven forbid the Online crowd having to wait even One Second for a Window breaking Animation to play... :sigh:

I can confirm this as utter bullsh*t. I just tested this and the character opens the door then proceeds to climb outside of the car.
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Posted 5 days ago Edited by jpm1, 5 days ago.

V citizens don't take an umbrella when raining, because they are all depressed by that dead city. LC citizens are happy people, that are leaving a hectic life

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Posted 2 days ago

Playing GTAIV on PC I've never had a blue screen. In GTAV I got blue screen even when playing at normal settings. f*cking bitch ass game.

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Posted 20 hours ago Edited by Niobium, 20 hours ago.

better fire/molotov effects



skip to 15:05


for a game that is supposed to have better graphics, GTA V has awful looking fire compared to IV.

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Posted 15 hours ago

IV just seems to be more Memeable, if you know what I mean.

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