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Jezus Holy Christ
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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by Jezus Holy Christ, 2 weeks ago.

In the last 6 days, two new concepts were started and lots of talk gone on in the GTA Series Chat, so why is this topic so silent? :dontgetit:

The new concepts seem to get a lot of attention at first, but since the Concepts subforum was merged with GTA Series they don't get as much feedback.

People are reading them, but I think this topic is mainly to discuss new ideas from the people creating concepts. I thought it was a good idea back then but I think a dedicated Concept subforum offered a bigger platform for feedback.
Yea when I came back after half a year and saw we've got back to the point we was at 2 years ago, got really disappointed.
Also I've noticed that concepts (at least mine) don't really get views.
600 in a week, is the lowest number I've ever seen.
Maybe that's because we're in the "posthumous concept era". :lol: (i meant no offense)
Lol no, I agree. I never really visited before I started my first concept last year, but it was right after the merge. I've got 2,500 views so I know that some people are reading, but reading old topics that have 50,000± I see that there aren't as many people reading them today. It's still fun though :p
Some new (post-GTA-V) concepts made it to 20k, 25k and more. But now everybody is busy with GTA Next section's wishful thinking talk.

Facts: 15 members are online. None of them is viewing my concept.

And congrats, we just hit page 61 😂

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Posted A day ago

Hi everyone, I have a rough idea for a concept in my head and hopefully at some stage I will post it here, I tend to procrastinate though so it probably won't be soon, I can give a little bit of info on what I'm thinking though.

It will be set in Las Venturas present day, going for three protagonists, have pretty solid ideas for them, story and gameplay wise very grounded for a Gta game. Once I've made some real progress I will update with actual details.

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