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Wings West (XBOX 360 crew) RECRUITING

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Posted 27 June 2014 - 08:33 AM Edited by Meat Fly, 27 June 2014 - 08:33 AM.

We are a small crew, We don't take gaming seriously like many crews do (what's the point ? It's just a game). We would like to expand our crew maybe up to 50 - 100 members,
Once we get enough members we will be setting up events which was originally thought of by some of the wings west crew members.
Events such as:-
Switch-Over races
Gumball Rally
Gummball Rally Switch-Over
Wings West Cops & Robbers
Wings West Protect Your Bounty
Golf Tournaments
Darts Tournaments
Arm Wrestling Tournaments
Tennis Tournaments & many more...
Most Gamers love to Win and the bragging rights that comes along with it too.
So what better way to claim those rights then by winning one of The Wings West Tournaments.
Here you can join others from across the Globe and compete for fun and of course to claim victory over all your fellow Wings West crew members.
Rockstar Social Club link to our crew:- http://socialclub.ro...crew/wings_west
Wings West Facebook Page:- https://www.facebook...81847232080960/
When you request to join our facebook page. You will be tagged in a post to put in your Gamertag & Rockstar social Club name, so everyone know who is who. Also please make sure you have requested to join our crew on the social page (link above) or ask for an invite.
This crew has run for many years on different platforms, Mainly PC & over the last couple of years been on Xbox 360.
We are slowly recruiting more members which are active & bring great ideas to the crew.
Promotions & Demotions will be issued throughout the crew from time to time depending on players activeness with Wings West crew. If your inactive over a month you will be demoted to muscle & then discussions will be made between crew leader & commissioners to either remove or keep the inactive player. If you are inactive due to a certain reason, please let us know on our Facebook page of your absence to avoid you loosing your rank or even getting removed from the crew.
Players who are part of Wings West crew & another crew will be required to show there faces and play with WW crew. We have no issue with people wanting to play alongside there other crew members, providing when your playing alongside WW members you where our tag 'WING'. We do expect Wings West crew members to be active. I like to keep up to date with who is active and not. I do a crew hierarchy update every week and demote people due to inactivity and potentially promote active player. Players who are inactive for a long period will be removed from the crew without notice (unless given a reason for you going absent, such as vacation). It is unfair to have players in the crew inactive taking up space for potential new players wanting to join. I understand they is plenty of space for new members, Yet I am keeping this crew to roughly 50 members for easy management. 
I'd like to get a reasonable sized crew together so we can troll servers, place bounties on each other and watch the entire lobby come after us (always fun).

Also looking for people who have capture cards.

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