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Serious GTA Roleplay (Community for X-Box 360)

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Posted 24 June 2014 - 07:12 AM


General Rules & Code of Conduct

In the Vindication Roleplay, there will be a set of rules taken into play to make sure that there is a fair and balanced arena for all players to tell their stories respectively. It is encouraged that all players attempt to keep their personal feelings and desires away from the playing field. That way, the players will be able to focus on their characters in the roleplay rather than bickering amongst each other.


Following this simple basis for every interaction can help set the mood for everybody to have fun, show respect, and be honest with one another. The Players are the most important key to making sure that the roleplaying sessions go smoothly.


The Rules are as followed:


  • Establish a Difference between the in game mechanics and the in character events. This provides a basis for out of character and in character progression. For example, if you "die" from a gunshot, your character is not yet eliminated from the roleplaying world; just injured.

  • Roleplaying Admins will be used to employ NPC characters to provide interaction with players and push in character events to unfold. Their job will also be to provide a non-bias outlook on the behavior of other players in an attempt to promote fairness.

  • All Players are meant to keep track of their character sheets with accurate information on the Vindication Roleplay forums, which they will receive an invite to upon acceptance into the group.

  • Your Character does not have wealth or assets based on what you as the player have earned in the Grand Theft Auto Online game. You must earn money from general work and character interaction. Each player starts with a set amount of cash based upon each character's social class.

  • Each Character is subject to the trials of everyday human life. That means you are required to simulate eating, drive (somewhat) carefully, and have some sort of sense of well-being. This means to apply the fear of death when staring down the barrel of a gun, lest you meet your maker.

  • All Characters can die permanently. When your in game character "dies" then the in character solution is that you experience  trauma which Roleplaying Admins will note. You should also keep track of your traumatic experiences, because players will die permanently after experiencing trauma six times.

  • Try Not to take anything that happens in character too personally. This is an important step to making sure that everybody has fun and acts out an interesting storyline in the roleplay. It is just make believe, and we should try our best to all work together for creating a more cohesive environment.

  • Respect Everyone and Yourself outside of the confines of RolePlay. This means honesty, fairness, balance, and overall FUN FOR EVERYONE.

  • Read on the Core Rules and pertinent game information available on the forums (Members Area). The Core Rules will provide the complete set of game aspects to memorize and utilize so that your RolePlay experience is well rounded and balanced.



Follow some of these simple and basic steps and follow the format for character creation and progression in the Vindication Roleplay forums. It will mean infinite possibilities and opportunities for EVERYONE to have a great time in our collective imaginations in the world of Grand Theft Auto Online.

                    Ready to Roleplay in Grand Theft Auto Online?

The year is 2015, and America hasn't changed. A plummeting economy matched with a mindless consumer public has led many to a life of irredeemable deeds and heinous crimes. Guns, Oil, and Drugs are still what people worship, and they will do anything to protect their lifelong investments. Gangs and Governments are still in control and the fighting public can only do so much before returning to their mancaves to watch the latest sitcom or reality t.v. show. Perhaps it's time that YOU make a difference...







Join a Gang

The backbone of the criminal underworld is obviously the organized crime syndicates. There are many in America, spanning across the entire nation. Choose or create one of many gangs in San Andreas, North Yankton, Liberty, AlderneyCarcer City, Vice City, and afar.

















For those new to what roleplaying is, please take the time to read over a brief explaination of how it works...

Roleplaying is suspending the belief of the real world around you to assume the role of an imagined character. This means changing your personal demeanor and attitude to a personality which exists (in this case) in the world of Grand Theft Auto Online.


When you assume this character role, you gear your behavior toward what you imagine that character would do as you play out their every day lives. This is what is referred to as being "in character" as opposed to your real life personality. In the case that you are to speak or act in a manner that involves the player, as a person; this would be what is known as "out of character".


Knowing the differences between being IC (in character) and OOC (out of character) are vital and essential points to determining how immersed you are in the roleplaying evironment. Your characters and creativity will shape the existential world around you.


As the storyline in  Vindication progresses, it will be up to the players to shape  the events.


Establish your character before heading in game for the optimal experience and let yourself get lost in the world of Grand Theft Auto Online today!




Exclusive Stories

You are being given the chance to become a part of stories unfolding that cannot be found anywhere else. The cameras are set in the GTA Online Universe, and you are the main characters. No idea is too dull or outrageous!






















Become Anyone


Escape the toils of reality and embrace the sullied world of Grand Theft Auto Online. Your possibilities are endless and you are in complete control of your character's fate. Drug dealers, taxi drivers, gangbangers, mobsters, school teachers, and fast food workers are all the backbone of America.


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Posted 18 July 2014 - 12:46 AM

Okay... I played RP in SA-MP and GTA IV so I might look into you guys.

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Posted 01 August 2014 - 11:35 AM

I'm interested. I have never done a rp before but it looks cool and I would love to try. 

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