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Use PRINT_HELP in IV [Black Box Help]

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Posted 15 June 2014 - 04:24 PM

Did you ever wanted to implement that black message box that gives you hints in the beginning of the game ? 


Well you can do this easily by downloading Advanced Hook but some guy from the LCDPFR mod made that, so to do it without Advanced Hook do the following : 

1) Download X GXT Editor V2.2 here : http://www.x-squares...-2-2.aspx#dl-80

2) Install, and open AMERICAN.GXT (Or whatever language you use).

3) Select 'MAIN' (First Column)

4) Add a new entry.




Just use whatever name you want but write it down somewhere because we need it later.


So i used 'UPDATE'


then if you write in the 'REAL TEXT' table type this first ~S~ then type whatever you want to display like in the picture below 




then press 'Okay' And save the .GXT.


The next code is in C#


If you want to test this, you can do something like this 

                        if (isKeyPressed(Keys.N))
                            Function.Call("PRINT_HELP", "UPDATE");

or if you want to display it permanently 

                        if (isKeyPressed(Keys.N))
                            Function.Call("PRINT_HELP_FOREVER", "UPDATE");

I hope this was very usefull for you guys!


Maro Hannover
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Posted 30 June 2014 - 10:00 AM

Thank You Very Nice

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