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Small Moist
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Posted 2 days ago

I think it might actually be papaya, that name rings a bell. Maybe I had an unripe one, because the descriptions I just read on unripe papayas seem to match my experience.
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Jolly Swagman
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Posted 2 days ago

Paw paws and papayas are the same thing - just depends on where you live on what you call it.
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  • ojibwedude1979

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Posted A day ago

anyone know of where i can purchase   GTA 5 PC version  ?  sale ?    not like $ 40  more like   $10  or less  .  if even possible ?



just thought this is the place to ask if anyone has any favorite pc game sites  for a nice price  other then  rip of ebay i do not trust e bay  

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Posted A day ago

Wait for a Steam Sale.

Finn 7 five 11
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Posted 20 hours ago


Where do you think I could find something like this? A search through ebay etc turned up nothing. It can be fake, I'd feel guilty wearing a nearly extinct species. But something of similar quality.
Also how much?

I live in Finland.

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Posted 9 hours ago Edited by Static, 9 hours ago.

Etsy would probably be your best bet. Here's an authentic Native American made Wolf Headdress for over a grand and here's a faux Wolf Headdress with full body & half body , just to give you an idea on price/quality. Faux headdresses would obviously be cheaper, but if you're looking for quality similar to the pic you posted, it's gonna cost ya. 

Diani The Otter
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Posted 9 hours ago

What's the best way to spam a friend's inbox on Facebook?

Kitties or even better yet, otters!

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Posted 9 hours ago

Just spam pictures of spam, ham fisted irony at it's best.

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