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Posted 21 hours ago

Why is it that when you hold in a fart the pressure goes away after a few seconds? Why doesn't the gas persist until it exits out the anus? Where does it go?

I think it goes it to your intestines because every time i hold a fart for a while i feel abdominal pain and it doesn't go away until i fart. The pain is like a reminder to me saying "its time to fart you held it in for an hour now''

I second this. When I hold in a real motherf*cker of a fart, a total anal warhead, the subsequent abdominal pain can floor me.
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deadass in the timbs b
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Posted 21 hours ago

Why does everyone turn into sheep and buy the same sh*t? Everyone where I live has started buying shoes with wheels on them suddenly.


they just want to have a wheely good time

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Posted 18 hours ago

Can someone please answer my question

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Posted 11 hours ago

Long question:

So TWC locked my address due to my previous owner not paying their bills. Unfortunately for me, TWC is the only internet provider in my area. So I stumbled across something called TimeWarner Charter Spectrum and it has great internet deals. But will I be able to get it even though my address is locked off?

Call them and explain that you're not the last customer at that address. I doubt they will turn away new business.

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Posted 6 hours ago

When I want to be left alone, people bother me.  When I try to be social, people ignore me and then I feel lonely.   What is this?

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