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Lounge for the Chain game - GTA IV

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Posted 11 June 2014 - 04:41 PM Edited by Vercetti42, 11 June 2014 - 04:42 PM.





Welcome to the Grand Theft Auto IV Chain game lounge!

You can use this topic for banter/questions regarding the chain game. :)




Question: What is the chain game?


Answer: The chain game is a traditional game first invented by JAJ in which it involves different players using each other's saves to achieve 100% thus earning the name "Chain game".


Question: Is this PC only? Can I use my PS3 or X360?


Answer: No, the Chain game is PC exclusive.


Question: Can I use cheats, mods or trainers?


Answer: Do NOT use any sort of cheats, mods etc. This will damage the save and ruin the fun.


Question: Who are the Chain game officers?


Answer: At the moment only me but if you want to join the team you can PM me if you like and I'll decide. I'd say there are 2 available spots left.


Question: What happened to the older Chain games?


Answer: They died down due to the lack of activity.


Question: Will this be as successful as the III Era games?


Answer: Worth a try, isn't it?


Question: What happens if I do not install Xliveless?


Answer: You won't be able to use other people's saves.


GTA IV Chain game officers:


1. Vercetti42/AceKingston/Master of San Andreas

2. Reserved.

3. Reserved.



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