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Do you think that CnC was/is played the way R* intended it to be?

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Posted 10 June 2014 - 09:20 AM

(I know I read a thread like this years ago, but  I can't find it now)


Do you think that CnC was/is played the way R* intended it to be?


In other words, the brief for the game is to either get to the getaway, or try and kill the boss. Of course we don't play that way. Instead we make are own strategies up along the way, leaving going to the getaway till much later on.


Do you think R* played like this too when testing the game mode? Or did they find other ways of playing that we haven't, or did they literally go straight to the getaway? Much less entertaining, but no less entertaining than some other game modes out there anyway, so it's feasible.

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Posted 13 June 2014 - 08:48 PM

I dont see a correct way to play cnc. It is an openworld game, sure they must have tought people would use the whole map, since going to getaway ofc seems to easy for the crooks and would end the match much faster.
I have played it only a few times on a friends pc, since i am not much of an multiplayer type o person. But cnc was awesome, it was something like Counter Strike you know? Two teams, straight goals, but we prefer the strategies and killings, rather than going straight to the getaway point.

Thats the only goal. Escape, or kill the boss. What happens in between is up to us to decide.
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