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Maturity is necessary to appreciate a Grand Theft Auto title

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Posted 21 June 2014 - 08:05 PM Edited by Spadge007, 21 June 2014 - 09:08 PM.


Has anyone else noticed the title is misspelled?


'Necessary'. But whatever.


Also, this entire topic: Boohoo, some people are playing the game wrong.




Maybe younger/immature people won't 'get' everything in the game, but then, stupid people might not either. Or people who just happen to have not seen this movie or other. Should there be a test before being allowed to play the game? A reading list, maybe?


"The deeper parody of the game is lost among all those 14 years old snobs"


Oh the irony.



Should I start commenting my own text because you fail to read correctly ? K, here we go :


Maturity is assimilated to physical developement in the first place, but also related to a mental state, independent from a physical state. I chose this word because of it's ambiguity, it relates to a moral developement, which implies progress, which, again, implies, effort and time, people don't get born intelligent, they become it. I clearly said line 12 "which doesn't only conscern the younger players among us" Never blamed yougster in exlusivety, but people with psychological immaturity.


Long bla-bla, short story, I'm responsible for what I write, not what you get out of it. Gonna be clearer here, I mentionned all along in my 1st post that immaturity, or how you call it stupidity is the issue, and that not only age influences the equation. I aswered elswhere that general knowledge is important to appreciate a game, not enjoying it, so I don't know why you come up with that test/reading list story.


Snob, oh the irony ? I think you're the one which is so full of his self to a point where you don't even accord any importance to my text, but instead simply reduce it to a "Bohoo, some people are playing the game wrong". Who's arrogant here ?


And pleeeeeasse brother, If you don't care, like your 'badass' meme tells me, just don't let me know <3



You don't need to be age maturity, but you need to be psychical maturity to enjoy the game. In other life aspects too.

I think that what I wrote above also explains that I talked about psychological maturity, and your point is aboslutely right buddy.
And now to our tough guy ..



Oh that's nice. Tell you what. Get a gun, come to my house, put it to my head, then you can tell me how to play a game I bought. Deal?


I bet you're the toughest kid on the playground, aren't ya ?


Actually I'm 20. But there is no right way to play GTA and there never has been. People just like to say that because they feel the need to be smug and arrogant on the internet but don't have anything good to be smug about.



I actually had to put some definitions in a paratext because it seems like the teachers at your school did some bad work.

I never f*cking preached to somebody how a game has to be played, I just exposed my personal opinion of how having the sufficient cultural baggage contributes to an appreciation, which is, in no f*cking case needed for pure enjoyment.


I think other members who pointed out that the psychological maturity is a main element here nailed it, because insulting me on a personal level to make up for your lack of arguments is exaclty that kind of bullsh*t we went through so painfully.


Awaiting real disscussion,


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Posted 21 June 2014 - 08:56 PM

Haha, nice job ragging on my reading comprehension, while completely missing the point of my post. But whatever, you want to sound smart on the internet, I'll let you have that.

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