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Simplest Tutorial to extract San Aadreas map to GMAX or 3dmax

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Posted 07 June 2014 - 10:46 AM

Hello fellow modders today i will post a simple technique to extract a region/map from San Andreas to your favourite 3d editing tool 3dmax/GMAX.

Tools required:

GMAX or 3dMAX(i use gmax)

Kams Max script http://www.gtagarage...how.php?id=9172

MapEditor http://www.gtagarage...how.php?id=1053




1 .for example we are going to extract the map stored in countN2.ipl, this is the desert map and contains desert, ghost town, canyon etc near the airplane graveyard.


2. start MapEditor, provide path for san andreas nad click on scene tab on left side, now select countN2.IPL checkbox and click render ,


3. this will render the countN2.ipl map with all the stuff it contains.




4. Now open countN2.ipl with notedpad , this file is present in GTA san andreas/data/maps/country folder.


5. IN the countN2.ipl file, a long list of files is present with a lot of numbers iin front of it.

The correct way to understand is that, it is a list fo all dff(3d models) present in the particular map(countN2) and thier x,yz coordinate or position in the 3d world.

th name written at the begining of .ipl file for eg "des_damlodbit04" is the name of dff file and the huge numbers written in front of it "-606.0859375, 1910.101563, 9.140625" are X,Y,Z coordinates respectively so that x=-606.0859375 and Y=1910.101563 and Z=9.140625.


6. extract all dff files named in the countN2.ipl file

Note. if the name of dff in countN2.ipl is "lod_cen_bit01" then you need to extract "cen_bit_01.dff" from gat3.img otherwise you'll extract the low poly LOD version.




7.import the dff in 3dmax/GMAX using Kams Max script for 3dmax/gmax(link above), click on the particular dff for eg. des_damlodbit04.dff ,click on MOVE tool , and enter the X,Y,Z coordinates in box.





8. After repeating above step for all dff files in countN2.ipl and after entering their X,Y,Z coordinates in MOVE tool youll see that all the dff get arranged perfectly aligned to each other in order to form the whole map of desertregion.



Now that you have the entire map of region you can extract corresponding textures by opening countN2.ide(if you extracted diffrent ipl then use corresponding ide file)

in notepad ,in front of every dff file name of txd file is given in the countn2.ide.extract corresponding txd and extract targa images using TXD workshop and use them in 3dmax/gmax.



After getting this map(desert region for the example) in 3dmax/gmax you can ado whatever you want with it,some  possibel uses are:

1.extract this map to .obj format and use in MAYA,Cinema4D to apply special lighting FX and bake out textures for added detail in San Andreas

2.export map to other game engine(i already imported it to Quake3arena engine. :karmaeater: )

3.replace low poly 3d in map by high poly (by adding details to low poly map ofcourse) and extract  high poly version

4.Basically once you have the map you can do SOOOO much with it.

5.Extract entire san andreas(this means extracting all IPL files)so that..screw GOD..MWAHAHAHAHA

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Posted 07 June 2014 - 11:32 AM Edited by Johnny_D, 07 June 2014 - 11:40 AM.

Why would you want to go through all of this trouble when you can use the Map IO tool included with Kams Tools? It does the same thing, just spares you hours and hours of work, and its so called automated.


EDIT: And even when you want a small piece of the pile, you could always remove the unneeded map objects around it via 3DsMax/Gmax. Spares you a whole ton of time, and believe me, time is valuable when it comes to modding.

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