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[REL|Final|GTAIV-EFLC] Vehicle Body roll, traffic tweaks, and a little

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Posted 31 May 2014 - 06:53 PM Edited by gunziness, 21 October 2014 - 12:46 AM.

...more. :p


Hello everybody!
Just like the tittle says, I have been working on little tweaks for the game, and after a few good months I came up with the idea to share it with you guys.
So what did I do exactly?
- Refined the handling for each car, so they have minimum body roll. Other than that, the stats for each car stays the same. 
- Edited the traffic pattern:
Now, all those rare cars like the Willard, Premier, Cognoscenti, Lokus, Ingot, Pinnacle, Super GT, Infernus, Burrito, Pony, Laundromat and others will spawn more frequently, making the traffic more diverse. 
Of course, some cars like the cognoscenti, Super GT and the Infernus for example, will spawn in specific areas such as rich areas only, so you will not see cars like those in poor areas such as schottler or hove beach, to name a few. The same can be said to the others cars.
The Romero spawns now, but its very rare.
Buses will be traveling around the map now aswell, you will be able to see no more than 2 buses at the same time, this is to prevent them to block the traffic too much.
The following cars now can appear in traffic in single player:
Bati custom
Schafter 2 (Tony's one)
Schafter 3 (the one that cant be seen anywhere in the game)
Stretch E
Caddy (should spawn now even though I never saw it in traffic, and if it does, it will only appear near the golf course in Algoquin).
Serrano 2 (the one that Henrique gives you, but its rare).
Super Drop Diamond (which comes with different colours now, its impossible to see the gold one on the streets, and its very rare too, it might spawn if you are driving one already).
Brickade (will eventually spawn in industrial areas now, and its very rare, it also comes with new colours now).
Slamvan (only around Acter, Alderney City and Westdryke).
In TLAD the following cars appear in traffic now:
Flatbed Yankee can be seen around industrial areas now.
The Slamvan, Zombie, Hellfury, and the Diabolus are now a TLMC vehicles, which means, you will see them in traffic around the clubhouse now.
The Gang Burrito is now an AOD vehicle, similar to the Slamvan and Diabolus, it will spawn around the AOD clubhouse. It comes with 2 new color schemes (full black, and full dark grey).
The Prison Bus now should appear in traffic, similar to the stockade, it should appear in industrial areas now, but again, its a rare vehicle.
The hakuchou custom will never spawn in traffic, even if you are riding one (it also comes with new colors, same with the Double T custom and a few other choppers).
In TLAD, some luxury cars are still hard to find. Not sure why, it must be something programmed internally in the game. They do appear though, sooner or later.
- Edited the car colors.
Some vehicles comes with new color schemes now (for example, the Huntley sport, Cavalcade, Coquette, Infernus, Oracle, Feroci, etc), most of their new colors are ADDED though.
Some pics of the new car colors:
Note that those are just examples, there are more new colors to see!
I might be forgetting some other detail, but I think most of it is already said.
If you have any suggestions, post them in here, so we can discuss it!
Thats all for now I guess.
Download Link:

(instructions are on a TXT).
Thanks for your time, I hope you enjoy it! :)






- Added new colors to the Rhapsody, Regina, Towtruck, Ingot, Minivan and Mañana.

- The Oracle, Marbelle and Peyote now appears totally clean on the streets.




- Rhapsody appears now a little dirtier and the Tampa a little bit cleaner.

- New colors for the Angel and it also appears totally clean now.

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Posted 05 November 2014 - 06:20 AM

Does the Rhapsody already spawn in traffic? Also how would I make it clean and not dirty? :)

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