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PGC Information & Gangs List

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GTAForums Gangs
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Posted 26 May 2014 - 06:10 PM


So what is the Forum Gangs section?
This section is for members that join or band together to form a gang, group or social circle that has any kind of subject or theme (within reason!) such as multiplayer, roleplay or simply social. It doesn't matter what kind of group you are, as long as you have a common interest and purpose. 
The area is only for those that call GTAForums their home and base their business and recruitment from here. If you're only here to advertise for members, please see the links section below for where to go.

What is Public Gang Chat?
The PGC is the lounge or 'general chat' area for the gangs and groups (as mentioned above) to host their own topics in which to chat, socialise, recruit and whatever else with their own members and other gangs. You can chat in gang topics even if you aren't a member, but they are allowed to ask you to leave if they wish. GTAForums rules also still apply.

How do I start up a gang?
Simply create a topic; there is no specific format to follow. All we ask is that you display some background info of what the group is about or stands for along with a list of your current members, even if it's just yourself to begin with. Remember that the group must be comprised of GTAF members, not just username 'ghosts' or banned members. Most importantly if you just want to recruit numbers but operate elsewhere like the R* Social Club or other forums, once again use the links detailed below.

How do I join a gang?
Firstly, check out the list below of currently established gangs and decide what you're looking for. If it's multiplayer, enquire within their topic about joining or post in the Free Agents topic to advertise yourself. If it's something more social, just mingle and join in with the conversation, and if they want you on their roster, they'll ask!

What are Official Gangs?
Gangs that have spent many years together and kept themselves alive through activity, recruitment and dedication to the forums are awarded official status. This can be through gang races, where gangs pit themselves against each other to win a community vote, or as an award from staff.
Official gangs are given the following:
  • Their own member group
  • A member group badge (pip)
  • Access to the private OGA lounge
There is a lot of history surrounding the forum gang scene as some official gangs have been around since the early days of 2002. Many have fallen, disbanded or merged over the years, but there are currently 10 official gangs in circulation, each well-established in the GTAForums community.

What is the OGA?
OGA stands for Official Gang Alliance and is the colloquial name for all of the official gangs as well as the private forum in which they have access to.  

Relevant Links
+ Multiplayer Events - an area especially for arranging meetups between gangs and hosting tournaments or leagues
+ Off-Topic - the main community area of GTAForums
+ Find a Lobby & Meetups - dedicated to arranging quick matches or races and finding a session in GTA Online
+ Crew Recruitment - bulletin board solely for advertising external Social Club crews
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GTAForums Gangs
  • GTAForums Gangs

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Posted 01 November 2014 - 02:45 PM


PipGangFoundedLeader(s)Gang TypePlatform(s)Social Club Crew
ssh20143.gif$outh $ide Hoodz1st December 2001Iminicus, Pumpkin ZoneSocialXB360PS3PC
hzvBB6J.gifAndolini Mafia Family19th June 2002trip, darthYENIKSocial
angelsofdeathmc.gifAngels of Death MC16th March 2008Toke, Big_Mitch_BakerGamingXB360AOFD
KVsle1G.pngCyclop 922nd December 2008Voodoo, makeshyftGamingXB360XB1CC99
d1rty12.gifD1RTY1211th June 2008Doc Rikowski, lordjubblydaveGamingPS3DDZN
WkcB4Sx.gifFeroci Racing10th September 2003uNiSocial/Modding
lfm-pip.gifLeone Family Mafia22nd February 2002Azazel, GirishSocial
yG5Rxrk.gifThe Connection14th July 2003Otter, Twang.Social
pAafese.gifThe Precinct16th September 2002Voodoo, MoonshieldSocial
zpipvg0zp2.gifZaibatsu4th April 2005Waddy, CrokeySocial

GangFoundedLeader(s)Gang TypePlatform(s)Social Club Crew
GTAForums Official R* Crew9th May 2012Phatgordo13GamingPS3PS4XB360, XB1GTAF
Academi PMC2nd April 2013SingingEwe954GamingXB360, XB1APMC
Mobilized Mercenary Division10th May 2012Shady C, enjoithepainGamingPS3TMMD
Hustle Bones25th October 2014AnonymousSocial
Queens of the Damned6th November 2013PANiC ATTACK3R, SirPhilMcKrakenSocial/GamingPS3, PS4, XB360, XB1PS3/4Xbox 360/One
The Bianco Crime Famiglia9th January 2011Mr White0161GamingXB360TBCF
The Damned10th October 2010A J, Commissioner MonkGamingPS3, PS4DAMN
The Highway Reapers MC29th October 2011BloodyWarlord, The Road WarriorGamingPS3REAP
The Lost MC Liberty13th February 2012ownedbyronin, Majestic81GamingPC
The New World Order3rd June 2014GENGHISKH4NGamingPS3TNWO
The Yardies9th March 2008AndyGanteks, MobBGSocial/GamingPS3PS4PCYARD
Soul Reapers MC10th September 2013Cisto, KurberGamingXB360SRMC
SRS Incorporated26th September 2008Dr. LaBrat, aFinnGamingPS3XB360SRSI
Warriors Of The Night29th June 2012WOTN FearlessGamingXB360WOTN

TopicFoundedCreated ByDescription
Multiplay Monitor12th May 2009AndyGanteksMonthly magazine covering all things Gangs, GTAF, Modding and more
PGC Social Lounge16th April 2014FranceskaA social lounge for people to chat.
GANGS WEEKLY NEWS DESK15th June 2014AnonymousPGC updates hot off the press
Multiplayer Crew Chat26th October 2014A JMultiplayer and online gaming discussion

 Copy, paste and complete the below form if you:
  • Have at least 5 active members registered on GTAForums
  • Have at least 10 pages of non-spammy posts
  • Have a Rockstar Social Club Crew (multiplayer gangs only)
Only gangs that remain active will be kept on the list; be sure to post if any of your details need updating.
[td]Gang Type[/td]
[td]Social Club Crew[/td]

Harley - Graphics
Pumpkin Zone - Original Gangs List
Vin. - Gangs List v2
fgcarva1 - Gangs List v3
The Road Warrior - Gangs List v4

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Gang - Roman Bellic EnterprisesFounded - 2015Leader(s) - Pyroshox, androidGang Type - Social/GamingPlatform(s) - Xbox, PlaystationSocial Club Crew - Link
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