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I need leadership for my clan! positions available! (xbox)

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Posted 25 May 2014 - 11:18 AM

I am looking for gamers who are



online daily (mostly)

into police/civilian roleplay crews

able to act professionally

able to think under pressure

comfortable speaking in front of groups of other GTA players in-game

able to check the crew's website pretty much daily.

able to attend events that you scheduled the start time for.



Heres the deal, I am the Chief of Police of a police and civilian role play clan. I recently let go of my 2nd in command and a couple other members of my command staff. We are a new clan and we did not get up and running as quickly as I had hoped. This is because several members of my command staff did not take it seriously. They went 4-5 days without checking the website and looking for any assignment that may have been posted to them in their office. Because of this recruits were left waiting for training, and everybody is standing around waiting for patrols to start.


I am working hard, but I am looking for a few more well qualified individuals to help me lead this crew and push into a major player in the GTA role play community. We will soon have a youtube channel that I will advertise hard, we will have several patrols a week and hopefully a stockpile of members.


if you would like to jump right into a leadership position for my crew we would need to have a sit down and talk about what your visions are for the future of the crew and how you can help lead us to where we want to be popularity-wise.


Please send me a message on xbox saying "leadership role" or something like that if you are interested. Here is some more information...





Clan Name: New Liberty Role Plays (NLRP)


Founded: June, 2012


Previous Names: New Liberty Police Department (GTA 4)


Social Club Website: http://socialclub.ro...iberty_roleplay


NLRPP website: http://www.newlibertyrp.com/


Crew Leader: skillzNthrills  (xbox GT) (Chief of Police)


Clan Description: We do police & civilian role plays a few times a week. Police are trained to use real LAPD-inspired tactics and codes.


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