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GTA V, Writing and Cliches (oh my?)

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Posted 13 May 2014 - 02:07 PM

I was thinking about this while reading the 'Is V the best R* game this generati9on' thread and the replies there but my thoughts didn't really fit that.

So, here goes.

I have a problem with GTA (and games in general). That's probably not what you expected to hear right off the bat, right? You're probably going to be all 'OMG GTA IS TEH BEST GAME EVAR BURN TEH HERETIC' mode right?

Well, my problem isn't with GTA itsellf...mostly, it's with the way GTA is written.

See, I happen to love RDR because of the history and the attention to detail. RDR to me is one of the best games from any developer, not just R*, and next to it V feels generic and flat.

Now back to my problem with games in general. They are predictable. You already know before you play it that hey, the good guys win, the antagonists die, stuff explodes. That's true in GTA but maybe it's the fact I'm getting older and seeing GTA for what it really is, or maybe it's the advent of Youtube and video playthroughs/LPs of games before they're released to everyone in every part of the world, but....

GTA feels dull and generic writing wise. Yes, it's a good game (more on that later) but the story feels....I don't know, it feels like one giant, 70 mission or so love letter to Hollywood, cramming in as many references to movies as is possible.

I know for sure I had a conversation with General about the Housers and writing some time back in another thread and I seem to recall that we both agreed on the point that the writing left a lot to be desired.

Well, after having completed it AGAIN on my PS3 (yes, I actually play games on a console!), I'm left with how dull and predictable the game is, writing wise. It starts out good with the heist. Then Franklin goes to repo cars. Okay, he works for a shady Armenian car dealer who runs people up on high credit rates. Hey, that happens, then suddenly, out of nowhere, Michael just so happens to be in the back seat of his son's car, while his wife is sleeping with her coach?

That's to my mind where the story starts to slowly unravle and it gets sillier from thereon out (however not to SA levels or EFLC levels)

Franklin wants out of the hood, okay I can buy that. But he goes along with Lamar because he's his friend? Or is it simply because R* don't want to write conflict in between Franklin and Lamar. Hey R*, people fall out in the real world, people don't stay friends forever, they argue, they fall out, that sorta thing.

So after that, the first heist when the two protags work together. That's definitely okay, knock over a jewelry store and escape. Then Trevor shows up and holy sh*t, the story goes strange.

It's like R* decided hey let's see how much stupid stuff we can cram into one protag and get away with and force that protag to be used due to the other two being exiled.


Thing with Trevor is, I like the idea of him living out in sandy shores but....but....the whole game's centered around the city mostly so why have a protag out there? Variety? I dunno.

Next pet peeve? Dialog. It feels like they ad-libbed their dialog (the VAs) and the script they were given wasn't great. I'm having a hard time figuring out why R* went with one famous actor (Mr Ned Luke) when they said before they don't want huge names.

Either way, yes I'm grumpy and coming off a second playthrough of V and saddend by it. It's like a cardboard cioty. It looks good until you look behind the houses and see what's propping them up. In this case, wood and tape.

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Posted 13 May 2014 - 04:01 PM

i read your thread title in George Takei's voice lol


But yeah the game is super predictable and missions are mostly the same but as a moddable game it has so much potential.


Also this coding forum is practically dead... you will get more views in the V forum i think ;)

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Posted 13 May 2014 - 04:14 PM

Yeah This Forum IS pratically DEAD

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