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Huntley S Appreciation Thread

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  • bixlas13


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Posted 18 July 2015 - 05:57 PM

I recently saw that some SUVs van be used in off road races is this the case with the Huntley?

  • craigdyid


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Posted 3 weeks ago

Got myself one, was the last vehicle I needed to have a vehicle in each race class. I love it, it's got decent pace actually at top speed. I was happy to find out this is the fastest SUV as it was one of my favourite vechiles in 4. It seems a lot bigger than it did in 4 though!

  • MDNA


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Posted 3 weeks ago

My Huntley, which is still my favorite car since its been released. Too bad theres no option for a black grille but atleast now there are chrome rims that suit it. :)


then why do you have chrome rims that DONT suit it?


  • Mattoropael

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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by Mattoropael, 3 weeks ago.

I'll admit I'm guilty of buying it because of Broughy videos, but this car is genuinely fun to drive beyond all of my expectations. An SUV that is fun to drive. Outrageous.



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