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Unpopular Opinions Thread

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Posted A day ago


IV is waaaay overrated at least in this forum and V gets too much sh*t, almost everyone who crititizes it doesn't even give the slightest credit like the isn't even one good thing about it.

This really isn't an unpopular opinion. It's more like an inferiority complex because GTA IV's finally getting the credit it deserves and GTA V's taking all the heat GTA IV used to.

And the cycle continues with GTA VI. V gets praised and VI gets sh*t on.

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Posted A day ago Edited by B Dawg, A day ago.

Yeah, I doubt VI could end up worse than V. Besides, anyone who hated V will not just change their minds about it if VI ends up being worse, they'll just continue praising SA/IV or whatever they were already praising.

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