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Some Bizarre Skin Problem/Curse In San Andreas

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Posted 09 May 2014 - 04:00 PM

i need help with something, i replaced all the ped skins with a pack i got, it worked, yeah it was okay but then i remembered there was others i wanted to put so i did that, but the custom ped texture i replaced with the new one i just downloaded didn't dissaspear, i mean, it was still there, i deleted it, put the new one but it was still there, so.. i installed the game again over 2 times, changed gta3.img around 4 times but all the custom skins were still there, it dont even make any sense, so i need help and maybe know if its some hidden file that is doing that or not. any help would be appreciated, i used sparks to change all peds skins in the first time.


obs: besides the replacing not working any other new skin that dont replace any other i inserted didn't appear anywhere too.


Sorry my english is bad but i can't do any better i'm sure google translate would screw more.

i could have asked someone or post in other gta forum but i noticed i wouldn't get any help from that ways so its only you guys.


also, if i shouldn't have posted this here or i cant anywhere or if i shouldn't then i'm sorry

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