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GTAO The Last Deathmatch Tip List

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Posted 23 April 2014 - 01:42 PM

Hello all. 


Before I get into this, I have written these tips because they were bouncing around in my head. I hope they will help some of you now I have got them out. It helps me. It should be noted though, some people are just designed to be killing machines, there is no amount of practice that can substitute for raw murderous talent. I have seen these godly people and pity their burden as much as I envy them. If you are not one of these people though - have a look at this!




Why use a spoon when with a little preparation, you can have a spork” - Someone, maybe.   


1. Before you step into the arena you will want to ensure you have upgraded your weaponry as much as possible. Pretty much every weapon will benefit from an extended clip, the assault SMG and assault rifles all suit a scope, get any grips that you can for increasing accuracy and the most important, add a silencer to your assault rifles as they unlock. Not having your position revealed on the mini-map is essential. If you are lower level, whacking a silencer on an SMG can help, but these guns are only useful if you must use them or on the few mid-range maps (Morgue for example). I chose not to silence the AK47 or the Auto Shotgun because it just didn’t seem right, no-one wants to absolutely, positively kill everyone silently with an AK, and the Auto Shotgun sounds like a wheezing pug dog with a silencer on it. 


2. Maybe a noob note but get your weapon wheel memorised. Then set the wheel onto the right weapons at the beginning of the match (once in cover if needs be). The wheel defaults to sawn off shotty for example, if you have the auto shotty you’re gonna want to change it to that to be ready to use it. Only takes a sec but this is effectiveness 101. Being able to quickly select explosives and back again is a skill you need to have.


3. Snack healing. If you do not know this you can heal quickly using snacks when in cover. Just bring them up in inventory and munch them down. There is no animation so you can munch away, with energy bars giving like 25% health and Ps & Q’s about 10%. Stay stocked on these items when possible. So many times I have been shot up and returned fire, got into cover, healed up and come out blazing to be the last one standing. Fook the double deaths. 


4. Spend some time in free aim. GTAO Free aim is a barren place at times but just a bit of time there will sharpen your kill speed and accuracy with sniper rifles and at ranges when you cannot lock on. These are the added numbers that win you the match. Time at the firing range should have the same effect. 


In the field

Zen is the art of knowing all of everything about you, and then not thinking of it”  - A Monk. 


5. Use the right weapon for the range. If you are in close-quarters, coming round a corner, have your shotty in hand. I will tend to then only use my assault rifle for all other ranges and obviously sniping for distance shots. Silenced advanced assault rifle (Level 84?) is the DM pro weapon of choice. All other weapons, I am using for fun.


6. Listen. If you are moving about, jogging or sneaking (sprinting will reveal your location), then listen in surround-sound or with headphones and you will hear the direction of your foes running, walking, climbing fences, reloading - sounds that do not necessarily reveal them on the mini-map. If you know where they are you can ambush them.


7. Movement. Generally you will want to keep moving. Keep in mind the location of your foes and skirt round them. If going head on make sure you have some cover. Get to cover, add in a little patience and watch the little rabbits come running out. Kill, kill again, then move. You will end up coming up behind so many people if you keep on your toes, all over the map. Saying that, if you find a good spot, take as many names as you dare. Bear in mind though you will soon create a killzone that people will avoid, or that sneaky f*cker will come sneaking up into.  


8. Practice the mid-air sticky detonation. If you are back to back with a foe, both in cover at a stalemate - lob a sticky out there, and try and time the detonation as it goes past him. You won’t expose yourself and if you don’t kill him, you may just flush him. Good tactic against enemies at height when you are up against whatever they are atop. 


9. Set traps. Sticky bomb traps are just awesome. People must hate me when I run off shouting “Chase me chase me hee hee” and lure them into an alleyway, by a car etc and then bahoomski bye bye.  


10. Commando roll. A hollywood fact: If you are commando-rolling you cannot be shot. A well-timed commando roll can break your foes lock-on momentarily, to allow you to present the fatal bullet to their face. A little practice will see you using this technique when being shot at from someone out of view, rolling while panning your camera around and head-shotting them back to their hard drive. While aiming, press X or Square.


11. If you are not using head shots you will not be winning. Nudge that stick up and watch the guy die 50% faster than normal. Note - the effectiveness of doing this reduces over distance. At maximum assault rifle lock-on you should stick to the body, the largest part of the target to account for bullet spread.


12. Go for that armour. But before you do, be sure the coast is clear.


13. If you know some spawn points, be aware of them. If people are dying all over and you are near one, chances are someone is gonna materialise right there. You will want to be hidden or behind cover as they get a couple of moments of invincibility while being able to shoot. Then drop ‘em. They will hate you. 


14. Using a vehicle offensively will 9 times out of 10 get you killed quickly. The advantage an on-foot foe has over you with auto-aim is critical. If you are a passenger you have the advantage against one foe, as you both can auto-aim but there is a 50% chance he will try and shoot the driver. Use vehicles to move to different areas but keep out of firing range. Whip that car round with the passenger door to the foe and get out to use as a mobile cover point. 


15. Height advantage applies in the game, in a few ways. Visibility is greatly increased, you will see more targets and sooner than they see you. And it is easier to rain grenades than to accurately donkey drop them. 



There is no I, in Team.”  - A hell of a lot of people. 


16. Work with teammates. They may not be working with you but in a 2 v 1 shootout, one of the two is gonna live. If your teammate is going one way, you can either work around another route to pincer enemies - if your teammate finds one you will see it on the map and can ambush. Or go with them, let them open the engagement up so you can close it. 


17. Communication. Listed last because this is a competitive practice. The crews that are competing in events and for ranking are talking to each other, telling each other where their foes are. For example, ‘Bogey on your six’ is a helpful phrase. For public games you will be lucky to get more than a ‘Ooh yeah baby who tha pimp daddy’ or some idiots crap music taste blaring out. Hey, try it out in a public match, give your teammate some intel and he might just stay alive long enough to kill that sneaky flanker that is on you. 



Alas, think hard as I might, I have no more. Any criticism, hatred, love and additions are welcomed. Thanks for having me and see you on the flip side!

I'm sorry for saying that.

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Posted 09 May 2014 - 05:31 AM

I like it! All-around good tips everyone should know. A small addition to the rolling is that it has a sweet spot (in auto-aim, anyway). If you're too close, chances are you'll get shotgunned or free-aimed by your attacker since you'll be too close for the roll to make too much of a difference. Also, if you're too far away, the roll isn't as effective because your attacker can either re-lock easily, or free-aim you with little effort. If you do roll when too far away or too close, try as hard as you can to get a quick headshot. Now, of course, some players aren't the best at deathmatches so these tidbits aren't always going to happen, but I think it's good to be aware of them. I have more little tips if you want my input, but I don't want to make too long of a post too quick. Oh, and thanks for making this. There aren't many guides or posts for helping with deathmatches. Couldn't find any on Google months ago, and I assume there aren't many more now.

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