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GTA Racing Guide

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Posted 22 April 2014 - 10:07 AM

Ever just want to win in the hundreds of races online, but there seems to be always a problem? My problem was the dbags that bump you on purpose for two reasons; they have no driving skills or they have no driving skills. This guide is to help people who suffer the same loses. I will go step by step and offer guidance but each scenario is truly unique.

First off, the car. Pick a car you feel comfortable in. You should try one with decent handling and acceleration but from my experience, a car is only as good as the driver. The one star out of the four (speed, acceleration, braking and traction) is traction. This allows your car to handle better in the corners which is key. Some say acceleration is better but almost every performance piece, in sports or super classes, raises acceleration. A car with Max acceleration and crappy traction will lose to a car with less acceleration and great traction. For example, I'm comfortable driving the Benefactor Feltzer because it has great speed and traction and with a few cheap mods, max acceleration.

Second, the start. After you find a race, everyone will be set up in a grid pattern. Once the go pops up floor it. Beware though, many try and hit people to take the advantage. If this happens, just be patient and dodge the incomings. It's better to let them fight it out cause eventually they will screw up and allow you by scruff free.

Once you pass the aggressive dbags, stay smooth and comfortable. Brake before the turn and accelerate out. Use the actual brake and not the handbrake. Handbrake will cause you to skid and possibly the frustrating 180 spin.

Once you catch up to someone if your not in first, the slipstream will show up. This causes your car to gain speed. My advice is to not do a sling shot pass. Most people can't handle the pressure of someone on their ass and they will make a mistake like crashing into a tree. That's your chance to take the pass and get ahead so they don't do it to you.

My trick to counter when someone rides your ass forever is on a straight when you have some speed and a little distance from the person on your ass, brake for a split second and floor it so when they hit your rear bumper you get a boost and they slow down especially when it's before the finish line and you fear they might take the lead.

Overall, drive smooth and avoid hitting or getting hit. It may get frustrating losing but there is always a chance you could get the win.

To leave on one last piece of advice, practice the courses. Learn the checkpoints and when to to do what. Always pay attention. I can't count how many times people pass turns when the checkpoint clearly says to go left or right and they pass it like derps.

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Posted 23 April 2014 - 03:47 PM

What's the counter for catchup? Only problem i have in races these days.

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