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Military Role play

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Posted 21 April 2014 - 07:55 PM

Hey all, I play GTA 5 on PS mostly in the evenings and I am looking for a tight group of 5 other players who would like to role play Missions with Military precision in private sessions. I wish not to get too technical (Seal like). I just want to stick with basic Army/Marine combat tactics. Basically using Trucks/Jeeps, Titan, Buzzards Boats, etc.  We would all be wearing matching camo and use rush and cover tactics. If you are down for this type of role playing (Mic is required) message me and I will give you my GTA 5 handle.


This will be a first come, first join. You must have Combat training or knowledge. All missions will be based on two team leaders (Sgt's) and everyone else is E4 (specialist). You design/create the scenario, you assign the team leads & member assignments. 


I have already set up Chemical Extraction military scenario to share and I am open to other mission scenarios.



Chemical Extraction:

6 players needed




1 Titan

2 Four door trucks/vehicle ( I have a 4D Car)

(I will buy a Mesa next DLC, I need more space)

2 Buzzards's (need two owners) I have one, need another


Note** I pretty much own most needed equipment

(tank, buzzard, titan, boats, etc)


Gear/camo up and Meet up in a central location in town.

Call for 2 Trucks/Vehicles

Jump into 2 Trucks/Vehicles and head to the International Airport

Drive over to the Titan Hanger and get on board and take off

Fly the Titan to the Sandy Shores Airstrip.

Land and set up a defensive perimeter around the Titan at the LZ


Load and start mission


Once the mission loads, Vehicles & Crew should have responded


Load both teams and depart towards Sandy Shore Airport

Both Teams drive to Thomson Scrapyard

Team A then calls for 1st Buzzard

Team A, retrieves the buzzard moves it to make room for 2nd buzzard to spawn


Team A notifys Team B and Team B repeats steps calling 2nd buzzard


Both Heli's flies to Extraction point and soften's up the compound area with rocket fire.


Team A lands, dismounts and moves to the guard gate and makes entry & sets up a perimeter.



Heli A leaves and covers the right side by air

Team B lands and joins Team A at guard gate.

Heli B leaves and covers the left side by air

Team A goes up right side and towards the garage that gets hacked (team A is hack team)

Team B goes hustles off to the left and through the first hallway between two buildings



Both teams hook up before the hacking of the garage to defend hacker.


Heli’s provide air support


Door is hacked and Van is removed. One member drives the van and follows team to the first operational vehicles that can be found or fight their way out of compound on foot to get picked up by Heli.


Heli 1 & 2 will provide air support & destroys convey that enters the complex and then provides support to departing team and van.


Deliver van and collect reward.

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Posted 23 April 2014 - 02:42 PM

I'd be interested in doing this, I play mainly on weekends, in the morning until late at night. Usually 8:30 am- 12:00am/1:00am. I have to finish my end of course tests for my schooling, to which I have four weeks left. When it ends, I will be online 4-5 days out of the week, for extended periods of time.

PSN: ThousandFangs .

If you add me, send me a message in the friend request to let me know who you are, so I know you aren't a random.

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Posted 27 April 2014 - 03:05 AM Edited by Vishnu1111, 27 April 2014 - 03:05 AM.

This is basicly what our crew was created for, we do operations like this weekly, and starting this summer were filming it/making movies out of them.



If you're interested Apply here



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