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Free Agents Recruitment Topic

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  • troysayshi


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Posted 18 hours ago

GTAF Username: DiamondN
Social Club Username: DiamondN
Gaming ID(s): XB360: spartanz97
Platform(s): Xbox360
GTA MP games played: GTAIV
Other MP games played: CoD MW3, Blacks Ops, Black Ops 2, Halo 3(very little)
Age: 17
Timezone: GMT-5
In-game Activity: 30-60 minutes daily on weekdays (anywhere up to 3/4 hours usually on weekends)
Gang History on GTAF: I've tried making my own crew, that didn't go too well, co-leader of another crew (same problem, not enough people joined). I've jumped around various popular crews.
How can you contribute to a gang/crew: I'm very knowledgeable when it comes to tactics and vehicle choice. I am a rather decent pilot(both planes and choppers) and I am a very good getaway driver.
Tell us about yourself as a person: I'm usually laid back, but determined
Tell us about yourself as a gamer: I'm not MLG serious, just looking to have fun playing games.
Anything else: I'm sick of freemode, and I want a crew that focuses on making money in missions. All my friends have moved on to new consoles, or new games and I need a crew who are still active in GTAO.

I tried to message you to say I do a lot of missions as does the crew I'm active in as do most of my friends. Just depends how you roll.

Oh and apologies free agents for the small hijack. Only way I could get a message to them as their thread was locked too.

  • NightSpectre

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Posted 14 hours ago

GTAF Username: NightSpectre
Social Club Username: ZeroAsANumber
Gaming ID(s): The 3rd Shot (Xbox), The3rdShot (PS4)
Platform(s): Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4 (I don't have GTA V on PS4 yet but I can get it in the future)
GTA MP games played: GTA IV, GTA V (both last and next-gen)
Other MP games played: Red Dead Redemption, Halo series
Age: 20
Timezone: Pacific
GTAF Activity: Everyday
In-game Activity: Awaiting Heists, but otherwise everyday
Gang History on GTAF: None
How can you contribute to a gang/crew: I am an excellent driver and pilot, and I like to work as a team. I'm also focused on getting the job done rather than messing around.
Tell us about yourself as a person: I tend not to talk too much, I'm more focused on what's going on. I'm also very loyal to my friends and associates.
Tell us about yourself as a gamer: I consider myself someone who wants to focus on the task at hand, and sadly there are too many people who want to mess around. Of course, I can do that but only when there isn't something that needs to be done.
Anything else: I've been around here for a while, and I've proven that I'm good to anyone who's good to me. I'm strong alone, but with a team I'm even stronger.

Ur Boi Snoop
  • Ur Boi Snoop

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Posted 4 hours ago

GTAF Username: Ur Boi Snoop
Social Club Username: Snoopy
Gaming ID(s): Ur Boi Snoop
Platform(s): Xbox One
GTA MP games played: 2
Other MP games played: Call of Duty, Halo, Nba 2k
Age: 25
Timezone: Central
GTAF Activity: new
In-game Activity: everyday
Gang History on GTAF:none
How can you contribute to a gang/crew: excellent driver for getaways/racing, can shoot cars, airplanes, people, hell that random dog walking by lol.. sniper or pistol. i can play whaterever role needed.. had a crew of 4 and we got to level  80 in about 6 months
Tell us about yourself as a person: im a father so im not some annoying kid.. i work and take care of my family and play my game..
Tell us about yourself as a gamer: Im competive.. hate losing.. not a sore loser, I dont talk sh*t unless its brought to me.. dont exploit cheats.. just love to laugh and have a good time 
Anything else: Down for almost any active group

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