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Lights / vehglass problem

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Posted 16 April 2014 - 04:54 AM

Never too late to try something new, right? I'm personally bored of SA modding, so I try IV modding.

first of all, my current WIP, Porsche 918 converted from NFSRivals.
got no error on first try, but this problem is to damn annoying.

on first test in game, headlights fine. after I decide to edit the lights texture, export, try in game again. nah, headlights gone...

look at this:

I've try all over the suggestion, none help me solve the problem. I understand that the glass material should be below the lights material, I tried to copy material so glass come to bottom of material list, assign to object, test in game again, still can't see the headlights.

I know to get rid of this in SA, but not in IV, I'd really appreciate if someone could help me solved this.
Thanks before.

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