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San Andreas Emergency Services(PSN)

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Posted 14 April 2014 - 04:51 AM

San Andreas Emergency Services

About Us

We are a protect and serve emergency service.We formed in 1869,in present-day Chumash,San Andreas.Now we have different police forces and rescue squads.We are hiring and looking for players to play with.


Every law enforcement individual is payed a salary.Every two weeks you are payed a salary that is based around how much you are active and how good a officer you are.Normal officers are payed around $1,000,detectives $5,000,agents $10,000,and leaders are payed $15,000.Suspension may affect your salary.


If an officer gets suspended his or her pay could be docked or they have to do a different job.Officers,detectives,and agents that commit crimes,take bribery,and break the bylaws,than he or she will be suspended for a week without salary.An officer who gets injured in the battlefield or gets a reason for suspension they will get suspended with pay.

Law Agencies

Los Santos Police Department/Los Santos County Sheriffs Department

San Andreas State Troopers


Coast Guard/National Guard 

Blaine County Sheriffs Department.

Gang Investgation

Detectives will go undercover to infiltrate gangs and criminal organizations.Getting busted by the agent will upgrade the agents rank and send the suspects to court and possibly prison.


When busted the suspect will be asked to attend court.Lawyers are available.At court they can be a helpful witness or they can take the fall and serve time.If arrested on a petty crime the suspect will have to pay a fine.If convicted they will be sentenced prison time.

Check back soon for updates!


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