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Hartoni Mob Family(PSN)

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Posted 13 April 2014 - 05:28 AM

Hartoni Mob Family (PSN)
Looking for a Family to have your back?A bunch of greaseballs to club with?Make money hustling?HMF might be for you.
About Us
HMF formed in 1947 by three WW2 veterans.HMF is an active Mafia Crime Family.
Family Locations
Los Santos
Liberty City
Carcer City
North Yankton
Vice City
Auto Repair
Weapons Trade
Drug mulling
Drug Dealing
Family meetings
We have family meetings to discuss business.We talk about alliances,planned events,new members,and any news within the family.
There is voting at family meetings.We vote on anything that needs to be voted on.Only made members can vote.
Types of Voting:
Being Wacked-Members vote on whether they should kill a rogue member.Being whacked can only carry out if,you break the rules,rat,or anything that is reasonable.Once whacked you are dead to the family and you will be ignored.
Grim Reapers MC
Warriors MC
  1. Never intentionally hurt another member.
  2. Must own a suit.
  3. Always be respectful and mature.
  4. Members must have HMF as their active crew.
Dons Job
  • Lead the Family
  • Help any members that need to be helped out
  • Do what ever it takes as long as it's in the best interest of the Family
Consligeres job
  • Does any of the Don jobs when the Don cannot
  • Dons most trusted member,and right hand man.
  • Also must make decisions in the best interest of the Family
Underboss job
  • Protects the Don and Consligere at all costs even if this includes his life
  • Controls the Capos and their foot soldiers.
  • 3rd In command of the Family
Capo's Job
  • Controls the foot soldiers.
  • Runs their own sub-family.They and their foot soldiers take care of business.
Muscle's Job
  • Represents the Family.
  • Does whatever job the Don,Consligere,Underboss,or Capo boss says.
  • MadeMen


Associates Job

  • Associates are not made.
  • Just hired for guns.
  • Can be made,must ask Don after one week of doing jobs.


Hitmans Job

  • Hitmen carry out murders for the Family.
  • They are not made they are just random people who are paid and hired to kill marked men for the Family under contract.
  • To end the contract they must go through process.


Bodyguard/Drivers jobs

  • Bodyguards are specially chosen members handpicked by the Don to protect him,his Consligere,and Underboss.
  • Bodyguards are required to wear a black suit,black dress shirt,all black oxfords,no tie,any sunglasses,and a black fedora.
  • Only the Don,Consligere,Underboss have bodyguards.During freetime two bodyguards follow behind on foot or car.In club business two ride behind in a stanier or suv.
  • Bodyguards must protect at all or needed times.
  • Drivers drive the Don,Consligere,or Underboss to meetings or events.They must drive respectfully and professional.
How Ranking Works
We have an extremely simple set up for member ranking in this Family
Leader = Don
Commissioner= Consligere and Underboss
Lieutenants = Capo
Representatives = Muscle,Hitman,Bodyguards,Drivers
Muscle = Associates                                                                         
To Be Recruited
PS3- Add schuirmann23 or xXSchuirmannZXx
Hitmen are used for marked men.

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Posted 14 April 2014 - 08:43 PM

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