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Vehicle Class Tweaks/Ideas

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Posted 12 April 2014 - 01:49 AM Edited by rean2, 12 April 2014 - 01:52 AM.

I think there should be some changes to the vehicle classes in the game.

While creating a race in the creator. I wanted to create a banger type race, featuring only banger type vehicles for use. I was disappointed to find that I cannot include certain muscles cars with sedans and sports classics.


We should be able to select multiple classes. Currently, we can only select cars out of only the chosen class. If we have multiple classes, I can 'check' the classes that I want in the race. We can have one, two, all classes and anything in between. With all classes checked, any car can be used, you will still get to select what vehicles are available though through 'available vehicles'.


I was also was disappointed I could not include the emperor or regina with the primo and stanier in the sedans class as an available vehicle. They cannot be chosen for a race with 'sedans'. In Sports Classics, there is no Manana, Peyote, Tornado etc. Rockstar should include all vehicles within the class as an available stock car. 


I also dislike the fact that the available vehicles to use do not restrict the custom vehicles. If i make a race that only uses Sandking and Sandking SWB, people can only race in the stock Sandkings, not their own. If custom vehicles are on, all vehicles in that class is available to them.


Lastly, divide the sports class. Seriously. We have too many. We should divide them into 'tuner' and 'sports'. Tuner vehicles are Penumbra, Futo, Sultan, Sentinel, Buffalo etc. (the least performing are hardly chosen  to race in sports). I mean, a Lamborghini VS a Dodge Charger?

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