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Need help with a few things on the skin I'm making.

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Posted 12 April 2014 - 12:43 AM

Okay so, I am SadisticWolfoid, known as Skyripper on other social media sites such as Reddit.com, etc. etc.

Enough of the boring life of me and cut to the chase, so I'm pretty new to skinning and I am very influenced by the lifestyle of a biker.


The server I play on allows you to be able to buy yourself a custom skin that only you can use, and in my case I need some help making the bottom and top rocker of the skin.


Here's the link to a picture which tells you what is what on the back of a biker leather jacket:

So, once you have seen the picture and (hopefully) read what a top and bottom rocker is, I need some help.

First of all I got the artistic mind of a 3rd grader (a.k.a pretty bad).


Remember that picture I linked? See how the rockers are formed in a sort of arched way, I want the rockers to be just like that. Instead of saying any club name, I want my name (Skyripper) displayed on it. The rockers should be coloured black with white edges and white text. The top rocker's text should not be the name of any gang or anything, but the name of myself, I want the name Skyripper to be displayed on the rocker in white text, and on the bottom rocker it should say "Sweden", because that is where I am from.
And make the top rocker longer so my name does not look all squished together. By making it longer, try arching it a little bit, just a little bit though.


So, any help would be appreciated a lot! Thank you so much if you would be generous enough to help.. Unartistic me.

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