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Brute force tow truck big rig

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Posted 10 April 2014 - 09:42 PM

Ok this prolly known ( but i never use tractor ), get tractor ( tow truck thing ) now get a big rig ( or how u call it ) atteched at the back of your tractor. Now turn all way left/right and drive backwards then turn left/right and gas forward ( dunno if left then left or left then right but try it ) now you get pushed away by a big force like you driving fast car with nitro on. I got it working 3 times but only when big rig is atteched. Maybe while drive backwards down hill while turn all way left/right will give bigger force. Its not insane but its fun see you in tractor with big rig fly with 200mph over the map ( not high above ground unless you hit small mountain or some that might send you in the air, alot in forest part ).

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