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Official GTAV Whine and Complain Thread

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Posted A week ago


 I'll never forget the huge feeling of excitement and exhilaration I had after seeing that trailer for the first time. I was expecting a bevy of hardcore, explosive gang action in the hood and more to go with it in the form of side activities.

Luckily I have V on mods and created that for myself in the exact way that I had imagined, but Rockstar had failed to do.

What mods do you use man? I'm not a PC player so that's out of reach for me but I'm curious.
* Drug Trafficking mod (drug-dealing activity similar to the one in Chinatown Wars)
* Lively World mod (random gang drive by shootings in the hood). 
* Ambient loadouts (gang members carry all kinds of different pistols and other guns)
* Rob and sell drugs mod (street robberies and hand to hand drug dealing)
* Bodyguard mod (recruit gang members as bodyguards and drivers). 
* Strapped Lamar (hang out with Lamar and he always has a pistol)
* Gang Mod (join any gang and engage in gang wars, gang activity etc). 

Sounds cool man thanks, maybe in a couple of years I can experience that properly.

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