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Official GTAV Whine and Complain Thread

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B Dawg
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Posted A week ago Edited by B Dawg, A week ago.

Lack of dog breeds is a flaw? You should be happy that there even are any dogs at all. They're not even the focus of the game. There's far better things to spend development time and resources on than making many different breeds of animals.

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  • JavierC

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Posted A week ago

I f'n hate looking for videos of GTA in youtube and seeing all that clickbait and childist crap of V at the side of my screen, with that ramps and neon bikes and toy tracks... It's sad and annoying at the same time.

  • highspeed

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Posted A week ago

@ JavierC, you make a very good point, but how is that GTA's and R*'s fault though?


Yeah, they added the content on the crazy neon bikes and childish tracks, but if that what the market wants (not saying all, but maybe a small few) then why not give it to them? Me personally, I try not to YouTube anything GTA related, as I can see it ruining it for me.

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Posted A week ago

Cant earn money with unique stunts  :*(   :cry:  :angry:  :sui:

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Posted 5 days ago

One of the most obvious flaws for me is the severe lack of NPC's in landmark places on the map. I.e. The Kortz Centre. 


You'll go there and there are literally no NPC's what so ever. Same with the strip malls in Blaine County. 


Which I find strange because when they released on PS4 one of the main selling points was the increased traffic. f*ck the traffic, what about NPC!? They're the ones that make the game world immersive.

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Posted 4 days ago

No game is perfect. This is overall a good game to me but here are just a few things that I don't particularly care for about the game:

1. Flying. No explanation needed.

2. Trevor. Mostly because he killed Johnny Klebitz and Floyd as well as leaving Michael to die in the hands of the Chinese. To a lesser extent, he said to Ron in one mission something about wanting to "have a wife with blonde hair".

3. The blonde girl in a bikini with a phone on the loading screen. I have blonde hair and blue eyes myself and I have nothing against anyone male or female with my own hair and eye color. It's just I prefer brunettes with brown eyes and would've preferred it to be a woman with brown hair and brown eyes, and for her to be able to be picked up by Michael, Trevor, or Franklin in between missions. That's just me though. :p 

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Posted 2 days ago

It's really annoying when someone make a new thread just to request invite to a crew/mc/office

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