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The Official Soul and R&B Topic

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Posted 4 weeks ago Edited by AAR, 4 weeks ago.

Excellent mid 80's r&b, modern soul ballad. So many beautiful woman in that video. (I got a little crush on the young woman with the harmonica) The harmonica adds a pleasant touch to the song. I came across the LP, 12 inch and single so many times and never picked it or neither listen to it. There were so many times I was record digging and I happened to find this one in the soul/funk/r&b but also pop section. Just looking at the man on the record cover got me so annoyed. Don't get me wrong. He might be a good person and I think that he looks kinda handsome but he has a kinda threatening look on his face. Maybe like a closet psycho. He seems to have a constant frown even when he tries to smile. You wouldn't feel safe next to a person with this kind of look. He could smile at you and unexpectedly stab you in the throat. Anyway... I won't ignore that record next time I see it.


Here's another one of my favorites. The first song I heard of this band is called Crazy and was released in 1983. I then bought the LP and their other one from 1985 called To Hot To Stop It. I later realized that I had another one of them in my collection. It's called Love Talk and was released in 1979. I know why I bought Love Talk and it's a pity I haven't listen to it yet. So many records, so little time.


Here's one song I like from their 1985 LP. The band was celebrating their 20th anniversary that same year and is still active with some of the surviving and new members. Please enjoy and like the song says it; "This Is Life"


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