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Working Abroad

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Posted 12 April 2014 - 12:06 PM

Would recommend the military, heaps of opportunities to travel to various different countries and I'm not just talking third world/war torn ones but also countries such as Sweden, Japan, US, UK ans New Zealand.

Well I know where I live they pay for our rent, insurance and bills. We also get discounts when buying houses and cars. Not to mention they'll completely pay for any University or trade course you want to do. In Australia all military personnel also get a above average salary. I know lots of countries the military get hardly anything. But Australia is great because our force is small. Starting salary for the lowest rank is $88,000 a year on top of the bonuses I listed. Plus guaranteed pay rises for every year of service and for every promotion. Everything's paid for so your salary is like spending money. In fact when deployed we were specifically told not to discuss our pay with American or British troops as we get significantly more.

There's a wide range of fields it's not all about shooting guns. There's medical, engineering, IT, logistics, transport, catering, aviation, education and more. Not to mention even if you decide to leave in the future any employers will see that you've done military service on your resume and it's honestly a huge advantage. Lots of mine sites, security agencies and the Police take in exmilitary.

Not to mention you have stable employment and can renew your contract after your ROSO if you choose. You'll have a great time lots of parties, adventures and travelling.

Lots of you British mob are joining our forces.

They also develop you into a respectful, independent, mature, confidant bloke and you gain many interpersonal skills.

Hell I was terrible at school and didn't finish highscool left at Grade 10. Joined up straight away, applied to become an Officer.

Now my classmates who stayed in school have graduated last year. Most of them are either doing a first year university course or working part time. By this time I've already been deployed twice, visited over 8 countries, I'm earning over $100,000+ a year. Just got promoted and I'm directly in charge of around 250 men.

I've also been able to move ahead in life quicker then most as I have managed to pay off my own house, I own two cars bought brand new both not older then 2011 models. Subaru Impreza and Toyota 86. Managed to get engaged to my highschool sweetheart she's only 16 so can't get married yet. She's since moved in with me, her parents allowed it as well as a judge because I was able to prove I was responsible and could provide and care for her. We also have a 3 month old son. I've not even hit 20 yet. It amazes me how much has happened in the last 5 years.

Have a diploma in government. Countless certificates for first aid, leadership and other courses. Studying towards an electrical engineering degree. I've also been looking at other options in case I decide to leave the military. Got offered an interview for the Australian Police in their tactical division which is like the SWAT. Also got offered an interview by a INPEX a new gas plant being built here.


I was thinking about the same thing that I should join a military but my friends insisted me that I shouldn't. But this post, changed my mind. Thank you m8

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Posted 12 April 2014 - 12:11 PM

Join the Foreign Legion if you want a new identity, just sayin'...

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