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DPS Iskul Rambol

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Posted 01 April 2014 - 02:45 AM Edited by e-mass123, 27 April 2014 - 05:44 PM.

  • Hello everybody! I am a Pinoy Modder and I am creating a total conversion mod about my school which is Diliman Preparatory School on Quezon City, Philippines.


DPS Iskul Rambol(School Rumble)

Pasaway Studios


Bahay ng astig na mga mods!


Back to school! DPS stands for Diliman Preparatory School. The founder is no other than Nikki Coseteng. I studied here back on grade 4, 6, 3rd year & 4th year. Unfortunately, i didn't graduated here on the 4th year. I am now going to be a 3rd year college student. I had fights before on this school, both inside and outside. I didn't expect it to happen, but it just did. I already thought of a mod like this before 4 years ago and now I'm finally creating it. I imagine a scenario where you are a student that is free to choose on an environment where the gameplay is based on the high school life.
You play as Cedrick Manalo Galaeng, a 4th year highschool student. Didn't enetered 1st year and 2nd year, and used fake credentials to enter Diliman Preparatory School, failed on your 3rd year, but this time, you need to really push harder to attain a good standing on your grades and finally pass the highschool life. You will be put to the test. While on your journey on being a new kid on this new year ahead of you, you will encounter bullies(you can also be one). You can choose to be a loner or find friend/s to back you up and help you whenever you need. There are gangs here. There are reprimands, excuse slips(cutting classes mode), guidance counceling, and all those school stuff sh*t. You can drop school(your lost), or be kicked-out and pay your tuition fee again just to finish. Your mom is dead here, but your father is still alive, working overseas, and you live with your aunt. You can have girlfriends. It's not easy to get a gun. You can buy some on the slums from gangsters but you need some level of respect before you can do this. Some weapons like the Balisong can be bought there also.


I already finished creating the school uniforms for boys(Polo and PE) and I am still searching for peds that wear a polo shirt so i can edit it to a uniform.


My GTA got broken, so I can't show pics except for the old version of the Polo uniform which is already available for download here: http://www.gtagarage...ow.php?id=25785. I think I will download a new GTA cuz I don't have a cd.


By the way, I have made version two of the polo uniform which is better and I am about to upload it after this.




Mod Ideas:




1.) Dos por dos - A 2x2 Wood. Change bat.







Still don't have 3dsmax, but will dl soon. I'll export it there and use Kam's Script to make it a dff to be able to play it ingame.


2.) Balisong - balisong, also known as a fan knife or butterfly knife, is a folding pocket knife with two handles counter-rotating around the tang such that, when closed, the blade is concealed within grooves in the handles. It is sometimes called a Batangas knife, after the Tagalog province of Batangas in the Philippines, where it is traditionally made. Change knife.






Our internet connection in the house is currently prepaid, so I just saw this mod some days back when I had the connection on my laptop. You can dl it at a different GTA website:




It looks nice.


3. Keyboard - You can get from Computer Shops or from school. Change bat. This is an addon.





Made a keyboard on sketchup. I know there's already a keyboard available for download on gtagarage, but I was practicing on how to create models.


4. Ballpen - I will create new anims for this. Addon too.




Downloaded a 3d model. This can be an add-on or I'll try to find a way on how it can be used while there is already a Balisong on your inventory.


5. Bag - Bat
>It thought it would be cool if you could already use what your carrying on your back when you have it.
67. Fork - Knife - 55%
7.) Tirador - Has limited range. You use stones as your artillery.

Here is a map for counter-strike of DPS. People have already asked for the link of the map to download. The author said he/she will upload a link soon but it's already 5 years and there's still no link.


Updated(Mon, April 14, 2014) - Asked again for the link, still no reply, but I'll wait, and if there's still no link, I think I'm gonna be making my own. Oh well, I hope I can make it.



I'm also wondering if it's possible to create an ASI/cleo plugin to play the radio stations from my country(Philippines), like Branggay LS FM. You will need internet for it to work.


I also ask permission from GinoPinoy if I can use his Peso mod.


If you are from Diliman Preparatory School or you simply want to help(I need school stuffs and scripting), I'll appreciate it and if you want to join my team/have comments/suggestions/whatever, just comment below.


I'm still thinking of a story. Even thinking if I will use CJ or use/create another ped/model for your character.


Anyways, I'll keep you updated.




Update(April 19, 2014), Saturday, 1:40 AM




This is the front of the school. I used Google Sketchup 2014. It's not finished yet.




I was searching for peds in uniform or polo to edit and ended up on animes(bleach and naruto). I am still on the search for other peds and will dl 3dsmax so I can make variety of peds.


Cedrick Manalo Galaeng is your main character. Maybe in later updates I will create a girl character you can choose. I made the hair black so it would look more Pinoy. In later updates, I will make it able to be changed like you can go to the barbershop and change color as well as clothes.




Drake Garpo Sanchez



(Facebook Profile)
Drake Garpo Sanchez
Birthday: September 6, 1999
Status: Single
Gender: Male
Releigious views: Athiest
Political views: Wala akong pake
"In a hope of a new day..."
Si Drake ay nakaranas ng bullying sa school nuong mga grade school palang siya. Iniwan
siya ng kanyang mga magulang nuong siya ay sanggol pa lamang sa kanyang tito upang
makapgtrbaho sa US.
Sumali siya sa fraternity nuong tumungtong siya ng highschool. Dito rin siya natutong
manigarilyo. Nasanay siya sa pakikipagaway. Umalis rin siya dito sa 3rd year Highscool.
Napansin niya na medyo naninibago ang nangyayare, at ang iba niyang kabrad ay
bully, at may mga bagay siyang ginagawa na kinokonsenya siya, kaya umiwas siya
at hindi na nagiging active.
Drake experienced bullying at school when he was in grade school. He was left by his parents when he was still a baby to his
uncle so they can work abroad.
He joined the fraternity when he got into high school and here he learned how to smoke. He also harnessed his abilities in fighting. He then left it when he reached 3rd year high school because he observed that his other brads were bullies and
he sometimes do stuffs that wakes his conscience, so he become inactive.
DCTI girl
DCTI girl 2
I don't know why the txd won't show up on her face. This is a printscrn from dff viewer.
DCTI Girl 3
High school girl
High school girl 2
High school girl 3
That's it for today. I'll keep you updated.
Update: April 28, 2014, 1:40 AM
My GTA is now fixed! I think I will change the 3d model to a more HD looking not-anime textured in further updates. I'll post a video soon of a progress. I will be putting the school somewhere on the original GTA Map, but later on I will create a total map where you start from home to school and other places on Diliman Quezon City.

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