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[IV|EFLC] Undercover Car Mod v1.2

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Posted 28 March 2014 - 12:48 AM Edited by Skorpro, 28 March 2014 - 11:34 AM.

Undercover Car Mod v1.2 (GTA 4 & EFLC)


Hi folks,
this is the final version of my "Undercover Car Mod".

(Old BETA Links:       >> Alice (LUA) version        >>SCO (source)       >> ScriptHook .ASI version)




- Use any car as a undercover (unmarked) police car. Other cars will pull over!
- Press F5 to activate the mod.
- Press SHIFT+F5 to switch siren on/off.
- Press CTRL+F5 for mod menu (in car only). Use NUM keys in menu.
- During a traffic jam or a blocked road use "G" (default horn key) to force cars out of the way.
- Into a police car use F5 to switch siren without sound on/off.
- You can change all keys and settings in "Skorpro Undercover v1.2.ini".
- Or change and save all settings via mod menu!
- Note: This is not a 'mission' mod like LCPD First Response! It's just for fun ;)









Undercover Car Mod v1.2   (@ www.gta4-mods.com)


Undercover Car Mod v1.2   (@ www.gtainside.com)








Aru's GTA IV C++ Script Hook 0.5.1 & 0.5 (for GTA IV v1.0.7.0 & v1.0.6.0!)
Aru's GTA IV C++ Script Hook 0.4 (for GTA IV v1.0.4.0 & v1.0.0.4!)
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package
Microsoft .Net Framework 4



GTA4 v1.0.7.0 & EFLC v1.1.2.0


Should work with v1.0.4.0 too...

Scripted with Aru's C++ Script Hook SDK - Thanx!



Special thanx to:
Alexander Blade, Aru

Special greetings to:
Ajusia, Sofi, Steffi aka RedQueen, Katja, Zero, QTX, Mel, Convey, Dr. B, Family, Friends, Fans & Modders ...

Regards to:
terreur69, sjaak327, o!nko!nk, xiaohe521, Black-Sector, Awwu, Nixolas, HippieCommunist, C06alt, CoMPMStR, rappo, ZAZ ...



Have fun :)


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