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Post your mobile device (type and home screen)

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Posted 3 weeks ago

LG V10.







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Candy Suxxx
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Posted 3 weeks ago

Samsung Galaxy S4

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Posted 3 weeks ago

See if you could tell that the phone I took this screenshot from is real or a counterfeit, Shanzhai device:


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Posted 3 weeks ago

Nexus 9 running custom AOSP 7.1, Substratum Domination and Now Launcher.





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  • ΣΓ

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Posted A week ago Edited by ΣΓ, A week ago.

Same deal as before basically, but now running Android 7.1 on my OPO.



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Zombified Andy
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Posted A week ago

After been using Google Now pretty much since it was released, today I was wondering why not giving a shot to a different launcher, after all there could be a better alternate with more functionalities. Everything pointed me to Nova Launcher, so I gave it a try... Until figuring out it had so many customization I could give my Samsung J3 a Google Pixel looks. So here it is, with Nova Launcher Beta and the free Pixel icon pack:



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