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How violent are you on GTAO?

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  • Thr33X

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Posted 24 March 2014 - 04:46 PM

GTA Online moreso than the single player GTAs that have come before it gives us a full bodied world with which to fulfill our own animalistic, criminalistic ambitions. It's as some people have said "it's not a coloring book". But in a strange, ironic way...it actually IS a coloring book, in a sense that it gives us players a blank slate of a character so to speak with which to color our own virtual identity within the world.

Of course, with it being a GTA game, the one ever present constant is violence. Everything is gained by general unruly behavior and low regard for "virtual" life. But there are levels to this. I've found that some more mature players (such as myself) don't do certain things in the game that we might have done way back in GTA1, like blatantly and endlessly killing NPCs, attacking police and generally doing as much damage and/or causing as much chaos as possible...which is something that a lot of younger players do-namely the squeakers. Now, in me saying this I realize there are exceptions and do actually exist young players who are mature and older players who aren't, but age isn't the issue here. The question, as posed in the topic, is exactly how violent do you get when playing GTAO? Do you treat Los Santos like it's an actual place and go about your game with some resolve or is it totally in your style to just kill everything and let the video game gods sort out the bodies?
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  • AGiganticLlama

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Posted 24 March 2014 - 04:47 PM

Only violent when I try to be nice but people shoot me anyway
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  • Vec

    That tough guy act is ridiculous! >:U

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Posted 24 March 2014 - 04:48 PM

Only the necessary

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  • MrAnimorie

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Posted 24 March 2014 - 04:49 PM

Same as the other two. Only shoot when shot at.

  • nomface11

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Posted 24 March 2014 - 04:50 PM

I try my best to remain non violent but sometimes I try my damndest to make somebody leave the session just for sh*ts and giggles

  • gtuned

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Posted 24 March 2014 - 04:51 PM

Other players: Not at all unless they start being an ass


NPCs: I'll shoot them in the face for taking a picture of my car.

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  • LambentBunny

    I don't give a f*ck

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Posted 24 March 2014 - 04:53 PM

I used to be very violent killing anything that moved got worse when I got a tank i got bored of it though so I joined a crew ditched the tank and now only kill when killed. Killing NPCs is too annoying with the cops. 

  • Shabazz916

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Posted 24 March 2014 - 04:54 PM

ima terriost... lol if your by me and im not on my way somewhere im coming at you... but if i have low ammo or on money hunts ill leave you alone

  • Dottie

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Posted 24 March 2014 - 04:55 PM

I'm usually cruising in a tank so it's their call
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  • bama764

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Posted 24 March 2014 - 04:57 PM

Only shoot when shot at.

  • Ninjambie

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Posted 24 March 2014 - 05:06 PM

Sometimes I do enjoy an occasional rampage killing everything in sight, both NPC and player alike. Other than that i'm on some live and let live sh*t most of the time.

  • Vehicles

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Posted 24 March 2014 - 05:13 PM Edited by Kowai7108, 24 March 2014 - 05:23 PM.

Same as most,passive until being attacked.After being attacked,the griefing part of me comes out.

  • CarimboHanky

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Posted 24 March 2014 - 05:21 PM

it depends in my mood...

im in griefing mood 90% of the time!

  • Nebuchadnezzar88

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Posted 24 March 2014 - 05:35 PM

If I don't know you and you come anywhere near me acting suspicious.... you're dead. Other than that I just try to go about my business and if it's a high priority vehicle, bounty, crate, armoured truck etc. then I take out the competition. I never go out of my way to kill someone unless I feel they're stalking me.

Biohazard Abyss
  • Biohazard Abyss

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Posted 24 March 2014 - 05:43 PM

Did Beat_Savy post with your account?


If you kill me, you die, die, and die again until I get bored of killing you or you leave the session.  End of story.

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  • Grimase


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Posted 24 March 2014 - 05:52 PM

Live and let live is what i say, but of course there are times when live and let die is my back up saying.


Just depends on whats going on. Grief me and i become a beast, using eveything my lvl 100 chick and get her hands on.

Be chill and i'm chill too. I've played with tons of people and i find that lately alot more are level headed players looking to have fun.


Although you still find that special kind of douch evey once in a while.

  • rob602pa

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Posted 24 March 2014 - 05:56 PM

I don't go after anyone unless they come after me, I don't enjoy random kills or taking advantage of low levels. If I feel like getting into it I just look for the war zone and go to those that want to fight.

  • sebcreed

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Posted 24 March 2014 - 06:04 PM

I think I am the least violent dude in gtao. My KD will prove it lol. But I always walk around with my special crabine ready for battle, all my ammo is always maxed out. If you kill me I might let it slide I might not depends in my mood and if im busy.

Remember a coupla days ago I was in passive rolling a dube (never tried private before whats the point), two guys were trying to kill me on a bike. Realising they couldn't they then ran me over killing me. Got out of passive and then proceeded to kill them both... and succeeded, and again, (then got killed by a goddamn cop), and once more for good measure.... Realising they were going nowhere they both hopped on that bike and they whent off on their merry way.... and i told myself ''yep, ya can still bring it''

8up local
  • 8up local

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Posted 24 March 2014 - 06:04 PM

pretty much like most of the people have posted. i tend to keep to myself unless provoked and then i might fight, run away or passive troll. it just depends on how the situation plays out. i do give people atleast 3 chances though before i do anything and yes i have died a lot.   :lol:

  • dewtech

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Posted 24 March 2014 - 06:09 PM

Usually in free mode I'll be the passive one who'll defend myself if needs be. I try not to start trouble though, unless someone starts on a mate and I'm nearby.

  • AceThaCreator

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Posted 24 March 2014 - 06:09 PM

On a scale from 1 to 10 im pretty much a 9. Im on a mission in free roam as im trying to get as many medals as i can whether it be for the guns, tattoos, armored trucks, or other players and its nothing personal if you happen to be in my radius i either kill or be killed and im expecting the same from 90% of the other players as im almost always attacked first in any lobby im in.

  • Polish_Trucker

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Posted 24 March 2014 - 06:13 PM

I'm not violent at all. I'm a safe driver, watch my budget, give a player the odd humbug stuck down in the seat.


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Sir Michael
  • Sir Michael

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  • The Connection
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Posted 24 March 2014 - 06:14 PM

I'll kill if somebody else shoots at me, but there are days where I slowly go to the dark side.


I'm beginning to feel like I should destroy every living being with the Lazer just because I can.You never see Lazer murderers in lobbies.

  • nitefallz


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Posted 24 March 2014 - 06:15 PM

I go out of my way to find people to attack.

  • XJpostman

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Posted 24 March 2014 - 06:16 PM

Not at all violent. GTA is about the driving to me. I have around 30 player kills.

Sir Michael
  • Sir Michael

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  • The Connection
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Posted 24 March 2014 - 06:19 PM

Not at all violent. GTA is about the driving to me. I have around 30 player kills.

That's pretty passive. Haha.

I've been playing since October 10th and I've racked up 1,973 kills. I always thought I didn't have that many kills...

  • Thr33X

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Posted 24 March 2014 - 06:25 PM

Not at all violent. GTA is about the driving to me. I have around 30 player kills.

To be honest, 30 kills is not surprising to me actually. I see from your sig and your other thread that you like offroading up in Blaine County. That means you're pretty much safe from any actual threat of engaging other players in combat whatsoever.

You're even safer in the water. Most people have forgotten it's even there, lol.

  • customkingpimp

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Posted 24 March 2014 - 07:09 PM

If I could cut off peoples heads with a hacksaw, I would. (in game of course. 

  • twannie1997

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Posted 24 March 2014 - 07:12 PM

ULTRA-VIOLEN- Nah, only violent when someone kills me because I must have my revenge. Or a bounty.

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  • Kampioen


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Posted 24 March 2014 - 07:14 PM

Sometimes I kill everyone I come across, sometimes I don't kill anyone the whole session. It's free roam so I'm free to do as I please, if you don't like getting killed then too bad. Respawn in passive.

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