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What TATTOOS does your Charcter(s) have?

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Posted 24 March 2014 - 02:54 PM

Thanks BlackAce!!!

When you get to that magic..."only 5 more wins to go..." place, it just seems to get more intense.
The last 3 wins I needed were nail-biting and your eyes get glued to the scoreboard that pops up.
One of the matches was a tie and the win went to me because I died one less death. And I hate it when it's close and you spawn way the f*ck away from the action. So some luck was definitely needed to get those 50 wins.
I still say that the Team DM tattoo, the grim reaper leg tattoo was harder because you have to rely on teammates to do well.
Anyways good luck and make sure you post your pic when you get it, have your iPhone ready so you can take some screen shots.

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