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Official Trade Race Wins Thread

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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by CokefishR, A week ago.

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Posted A week ago

Are you a Host or Requestee? Both
Gametag: CokefishR
Console: PC
How many races you need? 30
What kind of race? Any
Do you have a specific track you like to use? Yes
If yes what is the name of it? Some playlist 0.62 km long
Provide link if it's a created race: No
How should people contact you? SC (CokefishR) or Steam (CokeMonstrosity)
Do you have any rules? No
(i.e Must have mic)
What timezone are you in? EST
What time do you usually play? Who cares just message me.
When do you want to race? Any time I'm available.
(i.e now, in a few hours, tomorrow)
What do you need help with? Race wins
(i.e unlocking mods, paint or trophies)
Are you willing to be a Host to others who need help? Yes

PM'ed you and send you a friend request on SC, couldn't find you on Steam from your username

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