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Fixing Lag issues/Connection Timeouts

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Posted 4 minutes ago


I get quite a few problems in PvP, both in freemode and deathmatch. For example in creative mode I find it very easy to headshot NPCs with one pistol shot. Not so in online proper, where it seems to take multiple shots. It used to be a lot worse, for example I was being shot while in cover, and I was frequently timed out. But since I switched to a powerline connection and put my PS3 in DMZ I found that rarely happens. However I still feel I experience lag, especially against good players. Last night I was playing against a Frenchman (I'm in the UK) who was the host of the deathmatch. It was pistols only, and he was able to regularly one-shot headshot me during my roll. I get that there are players better than me (my K/D is 1.54, pretty much through PvP) but often I'm left thinking 'how is that even possible?'
So I've tested my connection by plugging the powerline cable from my PS3 into the back of my computer. Pingtest and Speedtest show very good results:
Also pinging google.com and rockstargames.com comes out fairly well:
However when I try tracert I get one or two timeouts, and one fairly big jump in ms time:
So does this look like a fault of my ISP (BT)? Or problem with my router? Or not a problem at all?
I'm not sure which IP to whois when I get a timeout, the one above the timeout line or below it. But:
According to whatsmyip.com belongs to BT:
inetnum: -
netname:        BT-21CN-TMAN-V2
And for
Qwest Communications Company, LLC QWEST-INET-10 (NET-65-112-0-0-1) -



hops 9 and 10 on your second tracert look a bit problematic, seem to be labels as a BT server though, so worth doing a WHOIS and find out if it is... that could be fixed/improved by your ISP, but those last two hops (also not great) look to be R* servers

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