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For the love of glitching!

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Posted 06 March 2014 - 10:03 AM Edited by mo-seph, 06 March 2014 - 10:03 AM.



How high were your expectations if you think this game wasn't very satisfactory to you? Also, the DLCs have all been free. No, they are not persuading us into buying shark cards cos no ones forcing you(us) to buy them, it's all about the players' choice whether to buy them or not. If you think the game isn't good enough for your standards/ expectations then trade away but just know you're gonna miss out on a brilliant game



exactly.. you choose to buy cashy cards, or not, you choose to glitch, or not, you choose to play legit.... or not..


as with any product thats sold they present you opportunity to spend more..


you go to a shop, you want to buy a bottle of your fav soda... you get to the counter and there's gum... ooo gum.... obviously the retailer wants you to buy gum, but its your CHOICE to buy it or not... there arent forcing you to,


at no point have i been to a shop where the retailer said "ooo if you wana buy that soda you HAVE to buy this gum".. likewise in GTA:O ive never been wall-gardened with "if you want to do this mission you need to buy a cashcard"...  its a matter of choice, you either choose to get rich quick from cashcards (or i guess glitching) or do it the long way and earn our money in jobs....


This comes up when you don't have cash on your character even though you have money in the bank.


Don't you just love it when this pops up











would you liek to visit the xbox store is a...........................






















you can choose to say yes... or you can choose to say no...



you can go and rob a store in FR... then earn enough to enter a race/dm/mission to earn more money...



the choice is still yours...




in the same way if you went to a shop with $1 and bought a candy bar for 60c, if the gum is 45c and you ask the teller if you can afford it, they will tell you that you cant and to get more money, the choice is yours how you obtain those funds...

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Posted 06 March 2014 - 10:16 AM

The cash cards have and always will be an unfair divide between those who have disposable real life money and those who don't.


f*ck your BS arguments about working hard for your money, or bragging about your high wage or any of that sh*t.   Fact is fact, an adult with a job that pays decent has an unfair advantage over a 21 year old student who is surviving on loans and part-time work.  It should not be like this in the game world and everybody who has given up and bought them has opened up the door to the death of legit gaming.  There will now forever be those who pay (waste) money and those who cheat because they cant compete with those who waste money.

There has never been this sh*t in games where if you are rich in real life then you get to be the same in game.  I'm sorry but its total f*cking bullsh*t and there is no justification for giving 'some' players a head start just cuz they can afford it.  Its a game and its meant to be the same for everybody who paid to buy the game.   If it was dlc stuff that just looks nice or gives you more customization options then thats fine, let the money wasters have their bows bells and whistles, but when its down to weaponry, vehicles, and your ability to combat others, then that is straight up not f*cking fair.

I play hard and got the cash and RP that way so it doesn't even personally affect me, but I like a variety of players in my games, I don't want to be playing with just people who are smug "Did you know I'm richer than you" asshole c*nts.

When gaming ends because of the commercialism going out of control and legal challenges on the rise, it will become a very real political fight and not a fun past time anymore. It will be big money companies trying to go after a kid in his room glitching money or add-ons for a game because its lost them 'so much' revenue, police will be knocking on peoples doors for cheating in an artificial reality game, mark my words this is what will happen, then the counter to this will be hackers hell bent on destroying anything that gets released (its already happened in other forms of media) and you will all bitch and moan about the death of gaming as you know it.  

This whole thing is like a miniature reflection of the ever expanding general ignorant population.  When all is said and done, the willing blindness and acceptance to commercial domination is just a very, very sad picture of the mainstream modern human.  What the f*ck will you all do if the electric goes off and you have no google to tell you how to breath?  Oh yeah, that's right, you will look to these billionaire giants who slap their dick across your face and tell you that you like it despite the fact its riddled with disease.

Time for a blunt I think.  PEACE

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