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Posted 02 March 2014 - 03:51 AM

OK I have a,question for a moderator or anybody who knows. A thread I am very active within was locked today. Here's the story.......

Another player had a very similar but less popular thread than the one I am speaking about. Myself and another player got into an arguement with an active member of the similar thread. After about 5 posts a piece his thread was locked.

My buddy who was arguing the same point I was returned to our thread and announced that we had gotten the other players thread lockes. I dont think he meant his intentions were to deliberately get this guys thread locked rather than the arguement caused the thread lock.

After doing that on our thread a forum leader quoted what my buddy said and the leader said "congrats your thread is locked now as well".

Two things
1. What was the exact purpose of our forum being locked. I believe I have a good idea but can only speculate.

2. Is there any chance our threaf will be un-locked.

Anybody who has had experience with this please leavr your insight. Thank you.

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Posted 02 March 2014 - 04:15 AM

The forum leader's last post in each topic explained why they were locked; it was until punishments were handed out for the continued flaming and spam that you refused to take to PM after they had requested you to do so.


Since I'm the first to see this I've reviewed the topics and dished out warnings, including one to yourself for your involvement in further derailing the topic with senseless arguing and flaming.


In future, report and do not respond, otherwise you are breaking the rules as much as they are.


The following topic will be unlocked shortly - http://gtaforums.com...ial-car-meet-1/



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