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(PS3) Crooked Soldiers P90 Squad

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Posted 26 February 2014 - 03:19 AM Edited by PSN-braydend, 03 June 2014 - 04:51 AM.

Crooked Soldiers P90 
The Crooked Soldiers were founded on Oct 1, 2013. In the past few weeks we have been in a rebuilding and planning phase. Changes will be guaranteed to appear, so if you are either a part of the crew or looking to join, this is the best place, aside from the crew page, to look for updates. Pitching ideas is also highly encouraged. If you're cool and meet the crew requirements, welcome to the Crooked Soldiers, just contact me via PSN: braydend
Founded on Oct. 1, 2013, The Crooked Soldiers began when small time street thug, braydend, teamed up with little known gangster, bleeeedred, to shake down a couple stores in the area, an activity that many were doing at that current time. Soon the two men met up with two others that helped in the forming of CSP9. There names were, RWD-NOOMZ, and, extraterrestrevr. Together, these four men  would soon move on from petty store robbery, to organized drug raids.
The gang was first formed after founder, braydend, and original co-founder, extraterrestrevr, spoke about creating a group of skilled criminals to roam the streets of Los Santos before the plane even touched down, but recruitment was slow, and eventually forgotten. The second time it was formed (or re-established) and officially accepting recruits, was on the streets of Los Santos with, now co-founder of CSP9, bleeeedred. After almost getting arrested at there fourth robbery, the gangsters decided something different had to be done. They needed more people to move up and take the streets of Los Santos before another group decided to take it themselves.
Both men hit the streets, quickly recruiting extra and NOOMZ, and promoting them to lieutenants almost immediately after picking them up. Soon there were many more people looking to get in on the Crooked Soldiers. It went from 4 members, to 52 almost overnight. In the blink of an eye, CSP9 went from a small time, robbery and car jacking gang, to a fully operated criminal gang. We'd moved from robbing convenience stores, to picking up coke for Gerald, to assassinating judges and witnesses for Lester,  to retrieving secret documents for Martin. Money was high, the gang was maintaining a top 500 ranking in Los Santos, and there was no worry about hits because to many people respected them.
The downfall of the Crooked Soldiers was due to a mass of members fleeing the country, deportation, and a mass of killings when the crew was at it's weakest. For to long the crew was silent. No killings, no plugs, no profit. But, as the time passed, the founder was planning his takeover. The crew was flawed before, and things weren't going to be the same. A new plan emerged, and the Crooked Soldiers began once more. 
After a large-scale recruiting process, the Soldiers now find themselves reaching a new plateau, once more attempting to regain control of the Free-Roam genre crews. Many new recruits have been added, and there are only specifics to be hired now. Specifically (Aha) Personal Bodyguards and Drivers. Until then, we wait...
"The New Hierarchy"
The system in the past used the Hierarchy system as a system to tell whether recruits were active or not. The muscle section was set out for inactive users or those who didn't wear the clan tag, while the top rankings consisted of trusted friends and active members. This has been changed. The new Hierarchy goes as follows:
Leader -> Boss ("Boss of all Bosses")
Commissioner -> Under boss ("Right hand man")
Lieutenant -> Lieutenant
Representatives -> Representatives ("Soldiers")
Muscle -> Initiates ("Unconfirmed")
The Hierarchy has taken a more "Mafia" type of feel to it. The Muscle has been changed to an initiate phase. You will be placed in this position upon joining the gang and remain an initiate until you prove you've proven yourself. The Representatives are the true soldiers of the crew. Once you've been initiated by me or an Under Boss, you will be placed here. The Lieutenant's are in charge of keeping events in line, making sure there officers don't get killed when they're with them, and teaching/helping the Representatives and Initiates when they need it. The Under Boss's jobs are to make sure that the crew is active, Hosting events and hosting higher respect jobs, as well as helping the Boss with things such as recruiting, pitching ideas, and maintaining order in the hierarchy. In aggressive or "out of control" lobbies, these are the people responsible for strategizing who to target, how much to hit them, how to hit them, and repeating the process with any other threats.
The main changes in the Hierarchy are the jobs of each person, and the way in which decisions are made. The Under Bosses and Boss now democratically vote in favor or against new ideas, pitch ins, uniforms, and even recruits in some cases. The system is set so that the lower hierarchy members still have a vote and a say in what happens, but the end result is in the hands of the top bosses.
Due to the release of a nice DLC Update, we can now officiate our members by bringing them to receive there crew tattoo (either on the arm or chest), after the initiation process is complete, and officially receive full membership and end your initiate phase.
Promotion Requirements
Under Boss
- Good Reputation within Crew
- Headset/Mic
- Minimum Rank 75 (Some exceptions)
- Active on Crew page on GTA:O
-  Expected to have the ability to host events
- One Luxury Car
- Good with strategic takedowns/eliminations of threat(s)
Uniform: Formal
Crew Logo: Car or Clothes
Crew Tag: Must be on at ALL TIMES
- Minimum Rank 40
- If an Under Boss, or Mentor, suggests a Representative is ready
- Headset/Mic usually required
-  Excellent skills in either driving or shooting (More specific, escorting/protection)
- Actively accepts invites/requests
Uniform: None
Crew Logo: Clothes (Can be placed on car to, but must show on clothing as well)
Crew Tag: Must be on at ALL TIMES
- Minimum Rank 10
- Willing to learn and/or receive a Mentor
- Regularly active
- Has passed initiation
Uniform: None
Crew Logo: Clothes (Can be placed on car to, but must show on clothing as well)
Crew Tag: Must be on at ALL TIMES
- No minimum rank
- Headset not required
- Requests to join crew
- Contacts either the Boss or an Under Boss for invite
Uniform: None
Crew Logo: None
Crew Tag: Can swap between any crew tags you have
Becoming A Full Member: "The Mentor Program"
If you have a wish to become a full member of The Crooked Soldiers, it really isn't hard. Contact me or any of the Under Bosses online and you'll receive an invite. You will be asked to do something as an initiation. The first person to send a new initiate on a job will be the Mentor of the initiate. You may be asked to rob a chain of stores and get away, collect a car and deliver it, kill someone in the city or roll out with some members to deal with an opposing gang, the list goes on. When your Mentor decides you are ready to become a member, they will either promote you themselves, or contact me to do so. When you become a member, all the promotions that come after are based on how active you are in the crew, what you do when other members are online, and where your skills are most put to use. Attire and other money choices may also come into account when dealing with promotions.
What To Do Within CSP9
Criminal Activities
- Drug trade (Meth/Coke Delivery/Pickups)
- Hits/Bounties
- Store Robbery
- Money Laundering
- Street Racing
- Gang/Territory Wars
- Chop Shops
- Mass Killings
- Grand Theft Auto
- Drive-by's
- Protection Services
- Missions for Plugs Martin and Lester
- Vehicle Delivery
- Truck Robbery's
- And much, much more!
Legal Activities/Events
- Car Shows
- BMX Competitions
- Target Competition
- Apartment/Nightclub Parties
- Meet-ups
- Boxing Matches
- Crew Meetings
Boss Events/Targets
(Sometimes a Boss may ask a member or initiate to do or acquire something, with the reward usually being a promotion)
- Capture and Kill specific target(s)
- Deliver specific Car(s)
- Small Jobs (Store Robbery, Taxi Service, etc...)
- Changing Attire, hairstyle, or tattoo's
(Still looking. If you'd like your crew to fill this spot, please contact me)
(Still looking. If you'd like your crew to fill this spot, please contact me)
 Contact information:
 - PSN: braydend
 - Social Club: PSN-braydend 

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Posted 01 March 2014 - 05:49 PM

Updated and redid the thread. Looks a lot nicer and explains what we're about a little better. 

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Posted 01 March 2014 - 08:46 PM

Nice emblem.  :lol: 


This page is very informative. I'd like to help you get on your feet in-game.

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Posted 01 March 2014 - 09:12 PM Edited by PSN-braydend, 01 March 2014 - 09:27 PM.

Thank you!


Yes, I spent a good amount of time making it. I appreciate the compliment ^_^

If you'd like to join or just meet in game, my PSN's in the contact information at the bottom of the page :)

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Posted 03 March 2014 - 07:11 AM

Remember, there is an initiation phase. When you are recruited, you begin as muscle. This is the Initiate phase. To advance, contact me on PSN and we will determine a proper initiation. If you only wish to be a crew escort or backup shooter, or have another clan but wish to be apart of this as well, you may stay as an initiate. When you wish to be promoted, contact me in game.

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Posted 04 March 2014 - 09:35 PM

*Update* "The New Hierarchy"

With the release of the new update and the ability to use your crew logo as a tattoo, I've introduced a new way of passing people through the initiate phase so we know who was officially initiated, and who's just trying to look like they're a member of The Crooked Soldiers. Under, "The New Hierarchy", scroll to the last paragraph in the topic and you will notice a new paragraph explaining how the new patching will work and what the consequences are for abusing it.

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Posted 03 June 2014 - 04:51 AM


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Posted 09 June 2014 - 05:38 PM

I finally signed up after a few failed attempts but I'm here. This looks pretty cool man, good job! 

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