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Create your own vehicle for GTA

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Posted A week ago

The Dinka Shuttle




Class: Compacts

Design: 2nd Generation Honda Fit with the front end from the 3rd Gen

Interior: Same as new Blista

Performance: FWD, similar to new Blista/Issi

Price: $18,000

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  • ExEminer1

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Posted 6 days ago

Basic Info - 

 Manufacturer: Dinka

 Model: Nero

 Year: 1991

 Car Class: Sports Classic

 Capacity: 2


Description: The Dinka Nero is a high performance sports classic based on the 1991 Acura NSX.


Performance - 

 Engine: 3.2L V6

 Engine Placement: Mid-Engine

 Transmission: Manual

 Gears: 5

 Drive Train: RWD

 Acceleration [MPH]: 0 - 60 in 4.8 Seconds 

 Top Speed: N/A

Images: http://imgur.com/n3J...DVdnOFN,t2ERiuQ(Car was made with S-Tuner)

Real Life Version: 1991-acura-nsx.jpg

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  • kraftwerkd

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Posted 2 days ago

Probably done already, but what the hell. edit: I'm in luck!


Euros Classic/Euros Z



Manufacturer: Annis

Design: 1973 Datusn 240Z-1978 Datsun 280Z.  Small sporty JDM RWD classic, optional louvers on the rear window, optional spoiler, and optional removal of chrome along front and rear bumpers.  Aftermarket spoiler, bumpers, skirts and hoods also available.

Interior: Similar to the Pegassi Monroe

Performance: Grippy acceleration, great braking, handles corners excellently, but has a poor top speed.  Great for short and twisty tracks, fast mountain time trials, and ripping through the residential areas.

Price: $35,000


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Posted A day ago

Bravado Democrat PPV.




Manufacturer: Bravado.

Description: The vehicle of choice by Police Departments across the US in the Eighties.

Design: Dodge Diplomat.

Performance: Good acceleration and top speed, handling is very balanced.

Price: N/A.

Class: Emergency.


Modifications: Features Police lighting, and other equipment.

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  • bundi2408

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Posted 18 hours ago

PP Wagon


"Remember when Schyster revive a cult classic and many people gone mad about it? Well, that was 14 years ago. Now, it's a good car to test your Patriot capability by running over this thing."

Manufacturer: Schyster

Class: Sedan

Design: 2005 Chrysler PT cruiser with the side windows and rear from Chevrolet HHR.

Interior: Same as Habanero

Performance: Slow and somewhat nimble

Price: $6.500


Patriot Classic


"A perfect car for your inner bully and insecurity about your genital size. Pick it up today and become a real American by doing drive-by and drinking on the same time, and also crushing those puny cars that most Americans feel ashamed to own."

Manufacturer: Mammoth

Class: Off-road

Design: 2000 Hummer H1 with squared headlights, horizontal grille, and the rear from Toyota Mega Cruiser.

Interior: Same as Patriot

Performance: Average for its class, but with better off-road capability

Price: $20.000



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